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Steve Hemmings

   Insight is all in the mind

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   - [8]November 02, 2020
   Below you will find some of my thoughts on the things I find important
   to keeping a healthy mindset in working life.  There are many aspects
   of life that can push us off course, preventing us from achieving our
   desires and goals.  Some of these things are beyond our control, and we
   can feel quite helpless at times. However, although some things are
   beyond our immediate control, the one thing that we can control is our
   mindset - the way we respond to outside influences is governed by what
   goes on inside our heads. I've learnt that with a few simple,
   scientifically proven, techniques, we can quickly and effectively
   retrain our minds to become more positive and not to get derailed when
   challenging events come along that could push us off course.   It's not
   just about being 'positive' in your thinking.  This doesn't always work
   out the way we would like.  It's more about understanding why we get
   blown off course in the first place and apply tried and tested techn
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[11]5 Sales Prospecting Myths Debunked

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   - [12]November 23, 2020
    5 SALES PROSPECTING MYTHS DEBUNKED  488 Buyers Sound Off About How
   Sellers Get Through and Win Their Business  Authored by Mike Schultz,
   Jason Murray, and Gord Smith RAIN Group , CENTER FOR SALES RESEARCH
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[15]What is the Difference Between Executive Coaching and Mentoring?

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   - [16]November 12, 2020
     Executive coaching and mentoring both exist for the same purpose:
   helping others grow, develop, and reach their full potential. Both
   methods give the opportunity for individuals to take responsibility for
   their own actions and development. The two frequently get grouped
   together when discussing people development, making it feel like an
   `either or' decision for individuals to make. But there are some
   important differences between coaching and mentoring. Understanding the
   difference will help you chose which is best for your particular
   situation. EXECUTIVE COACHING Executive coaching is about helping and
   supporting you make the necessary changes that enable you to become the
   dynamic contributor that you want to be. The coach will use a framework
   for change that will have a life-long impact on your development.  A
   coach will assist, challenge, and encourage you rather than direct,
   advise or teach. Coaching is therefore not directive and does
   not attempt to offer or provide any direct s
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   Location:Winchester, UK [18]United Kingdom
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[20]The Right Thinking Of The Entrepreneur

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   - [21]May 11, 2020
   You're an entrepreneur and run your own business.  It's a growing trend
   and no doubt you have a very high level of motivation, as well as a
   resilient mindset that can consistently bounce back from setbacks.
   There's a multitude of new skills and knowledge required to running a
   business, and to enterprising type, the challenge is quite appealing.
   However, one area that can be challenging for some is the ability to
   master business development.  No discipline that will test your
   resilience and your capacity to bounce back more than sales. However,
   few people go to University to earn a degree in sales, this skill is
   largely developed in the field over many years. Learning how to sell,
   and just as importantly, learning how to bounce back from setbacks and
   keep motivation high, is critical for entrepreneurs.  Research suggests
   that the most reliable indicators for success in setting up and running
   a business are: motivation, influence, workstyle (resilience), and
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[24]A Strong Mindset: How Do You Develop It?

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   - [25]May 08, 2020
   A Strong Mindset: How Do You Develop It? Having a strong mindset
   enables you achieve our goals despite repeated setbacks. It also
   enables you to be adaptable, particularly when opportunities change
   direction. You still see your goals as achievable, and you're decisive
   and confident even when ambiguity is all around. Having a strong
   mindset doesn't mean you have a macho, or uncaring style of leadership,
   just the opposite. Your strong mindset allows you to embrace other's
   opinions and points-of-view, seeking to harness combined effort and
   insight to achieve collaborative goals. Sometimes you need to push
   yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve a stretched goal. Although
   it may be uncomfortable to push yourself beyond your limits to achieve
   more, with a strong mindset, the discomfort is seen as only temporary,
   and the gains are the prize. The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes
   Think, Train, And Thrive You may believe that what separates the top
   few from the many in
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[28]Relationship Mapping For Sales Calloboration

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   - [29]April 02, 2020
   Relationship Mapping For Sales Collaboration Sales collaboration
   doesn't always come naturally to sales professionals. After all,
   salespeople are the ones that carry quotas and their success or failure
   is often measured against this. So it's no surprise that they tend to
   believe in their own abilities to get the job done, and will lead sales
   opportunities in a very direct way. For the most part, this is unlikely
   to change. However, from time to time sales opportunities come along
   that are better served by taking a wider perspective.  The Miller
   Heiman 2012 Sales Best Practice Survey reported that 89% of world-class
   sales organisations collaborate across departments to pursue large
   deals. The average across all sales organisations surveyed was 48%. Of
   world-class sales organisations that collaborate across departments to
   manage strategic accounts the number rose to 91%, with the average
   being 42%. Sales collaboration has the most potential for impacting
   customer perceptions and val
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[32]5 Things For Controlling Stress at Work

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   - [33]October 31, 2019
   We're all living and working with more stress in our lives these days.
   What can you do to better control stress at work? The Health & Safety
   Executive (HSE) in its 2017 statistics, reported that the biggest
   factor for causing stress was workload (40%). Other factors included:
   lack of support; violence, threats or bullying; changes at work; and
   `other'. It's of no surprise to also learn from the report that those
   in jobs related to human health and social work suffered the most
   stress. Work-related stress can be particularly problematic for
   organisational and business leaders who face long work hours, brutal
   competition and economic pressures. Chronic stress can impair the
   immune system, contribute to depression and even reduce grey matter in
   critical regions of the brain that regulate emotion and important
   physiological functions. Stress can leave you anxious, short-tempered,
   distracted and irritable. It can also make you less productive and less
   likely to make good decisions.
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   [39]Steve Hemmings
          My career has covered a period of over two decades leading sales
          efforts in both new business development and major account
          management. I'm a classically trained sales professional in the
          Miller Heiman sales process methods, and during the mid-1990s I
          certified in the Insights Discovery personality profiling
          system, re-certifying in 2012. I've been interested in people
          development for some time, and strongly believe that individuals
          are at their best when they feel confident and positive in their
          work. In sales training, the area of positive psychology doesn't
          achieve much attention, although I believe it should. The
          difference between people who are at the top of their game and
          those that only wish they were, is often down to their mindset.
          I blog and write about why the right mindset is so important and
          how it can be achieved.

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