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[18]5 easy hacks to get back on track in January // PRODUCTIVITY Hack

   [19]building an empire January 15, 2021

                   [20]Get your shit together productivity
                   Get your shit together // productivity

   It's official Back to school season here in Belgium, so after the
   winter break, the lockdown, , I thought it was the perfect time to get
   my shit back together. Or at least trying.

   Obviously, there are many ways to be productive, finding hacks to save
   time or to be better organized. Also, some things might work wonders
   for you and not at all for me, and vice versa. That's why I decided to
   dedicate an entire category to productivity and try them out. For the
   first article in this series, I thought we might take it slow, and go
   with easy things both of us can do, starting today.

   1. Wake up earlier

   Okay, please don't hate me for that one... but yes, waking up earlier
   will make a huge difference. You can either take that extra time for
   some well-deserved me-time, for meditation or simple for a good prep.
   Not only having time to choose your clothes or apply your makeup with
   no stress will give you an extra confidence boost, but instead of
   starting being stressed you'll have a calm mind to start your day. And
   a calm mind = better focused and higher performances.

   2. Setting up an alarm even during the weekends.

   I know we said that Sundays would be our little cozy and chill
   rendezvous, but you should try this if you want those early mornings to
   be less painful. If you want to be able to wake up earlier during the
   week without feeling exhausted, you need to make it a habit of waking
   up early every single time.

   What I do? I enjoy an extra hour of sleep, but I make sure that I'm up
   around 9am in the weekend. Also, the weekends feel longer, and that is
   something I'm not complaining about.

   3. Eat light.

   I know how easy it is to fall for the temptation and heat up last
   night's leftovers or make some quick pasta, especially when you're
   working from home. Because let's be honest, making yourself a sandwich
   or a boterham* (Dutch for two slices of bread and just a little
   something in between, usually a slice of cheese) when you have other
   warm options is not really appetizing. However, I noticed that whenever
   I eat a more consistent meal or high in sugar, I end up being tired and
   there goes all my productivity.

   Instead, try to eat something light for breakfast and lunch, and enjoy
   a good meal in the evening. Also, I tend to look forward to that one
   warm meal. I end up taking the time to cook it and enjoy the process a
   little bit more which is also closer to that Hygge / mindfulness / or
   however we call it this week - kinda journey that I'm trying to go

   4. Do less.

   This might sound a little crazy but, girl (or boy or whatever you
   identify as), you need to do less in other to do the things. First of
   all, stop setting up a to-do list that looks like a CVS receipts.
   Instead, focus on a few tasks that you can actually do. You will also
   be able to better focus on that task, instead of going quickly through
   it to get to the next bullet on your list.

   Remember, productivity is not about being busy, is about getting work
   done most efficiently. And for that, you need an actually doable list,
   and you should not overwork yourself. To be honest, I still struggle
   with making the right to-do list. I might actually write an entire post
   about everything wrong with to-do lists, because, girl (*again) there's
   a lot of things wrong with the way we're used to making to-do lists.
   Also, keep in mind, productivity is not only about working. If you
   spend your day cleaning your house or taking some well-deserved
   me-time, but this is also productive. Here again, I struggle to keep
   that in mind.

   5. 12-minute productivity.

   I know you just can't wait to go home, take off your shoes, your bra,
   put your hair in a pineapple bun, and just take things slowly. But
   don't, at least not right away. See, when I get home and turn into my
   comfy clothes, my body tends to just be slower and less focused. So,
   what I've been doing while in college and working at night, I used to
   put a 12minnute timer on my phone during which I tried to get as many
   things done as possible. It was usually cleaning my room as I didn't
   have that much time to do so otherwise. If I didn't have any cleaning
   to do, I would prepare my bag or meal for the next day. Trust me
   there's always a little something you can do. 12 minutes are short
   enough so that you don't feel overworked but are also long enough to
   have a few things done. And you'll have again that little feeling of
   achievement at the end of the day.

   Okay, so the list is longer than I'd expected. I'll stop here for
   today, even if I have 20+ other little productivity and time-saving
   hacks to share with you. But I think it's important to take it slow if
   we want those habits to stick. If you have any good productivity
   hacks,  please feel free to share it. Because remember, (*Zac Efron's
   voice:) we're all in this together.


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[22]10 lessons from your favorite Disney villains // CEO MINDSET & BUILDING

   [23]building an empire January 15, 2021


   In honor of the Disney + launch in Belgium, I wanted to dedicate a
   little article to those villains we love to hate.  Also, I believe that
   as an entrepreneur, I can learn from anything, which means I can learn
   from Disney villains as well... After my lessons of Emily in Paris,
   Here are 15 spooky lessons from our favorite Disney villains that all
   of us can use.

   1. SCAR - you won't go far if you surround yourself with idiots.

   2. Cruella de Vil - Dress to impress.

   If Cruella wants spots, she'll get those spots. No strips but spots.
   Style is important, I even believe that your wardrobe can be an
   extension of your vision board. So go ahead, go full out.

   But please skip the fur, that's not cool.

   3. Maleficent  - don't judge a book by its cover.

   This one is inspired by Angelina Jolie in the movie Maleficent when the
   prince cut her wings, which turned her into the badass villain we love
   so much. Remember, you don't know what caused people to become

   4.  Maleficent - Always have a plan B and C.

   Maleficent was definitely prepared for war. Not only did she put a
   spell on Aurora, but she let a hedge of thorn grow before transforming
   into a dragon. Yes, she was defeated every time. But let's be honest,
   the mistress of all evil would have probably won with such a good
   strategy in the real world.

   5. The evil Queen - mirrors lie.

   Didn't her mirror tell her she was inferior when she actually was a
   queen? A Q.U.E.E.N? she got obsessed with what her mirror told her,
   even to the point of transforming herself into an old lady and trying
   to kill an innocent girl. Please, stop eating every lie your mirror
   feeds you. Your thighs are perfect and those stretch marks are a
   beautiful piece of art.

   6. Mother Gothel  - Invest in Skincare.

   "Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young

   Ok, we may not have a magic flower or hair that shines when we sing,
   but we can already start adopting the right skincare to stay young just
   a little longer. Where do I get my skincare from? Koreanskincare (put

   7. Gaston - love yourself but with limits.

   If there's one who has absolutely no problems when it comes to
   self-love is our dear French Gaston. We can learn a few things from
   him... however, love yourself but please stay humble. After all, that
   was his downfall.

   8. The evil Queen - Beware of rotten apples

   It's a hard truth, but not everyone wants you good.  Keep your circle
   close my dear.

   9. The Queen of hearts - say bye-bye to those who make you unhappy.

   I'm not saying you should just go around and cut off heads like the
   queen of hearts, but if people or things are only bringing you
   negativity, it's time to cut it of your life. OFF WITH THAT BS

   10. Hades - Sometimes you need to do the job yourself.

   Don't let your loyal half-gods do the work of a God.

   11. Yzma - but learn to delegate as well.

   Okay even if Kronk wasn't the best acolyte, Yzma was a great team
   leader by giving him specific and detailed tasks to perform. I told you
   Business Babe could learn a few tricks from our Disney favorites.

   12. Ursula - Read the fine print.

   Is it Urusula's fault if Ariel didn't read the fine prints and got
   herself into a messy deal? Don't think so. Be a clever deal maker.

   13. Lady Tremaine - keep calm.

   She certainly knew how to remain calm and keep her self-control

   14. Captain hook - it's okay to have fears.

   Everyone is afraid of something, doesn't matter how big, strong or old
   you are. (there's an article on fears coming on the blog soon).

   15. Anastasia  - Everyone deserves a second chance.

   If you've never watched Cinderella 2, you may not know what I'm talking
   about.  But in this sequel, Anastasia, Cinderella's stepsister decides
   to go her own way and even give love a chance. She faces her mother and
   goes in her own shoes. If that doesn't make her a Queen, I don't know
   what else would.

   Any other lessons you've learned from our favorite villains?

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[26]Why you need to let go and learn to adapt // CEO MINDSET

   [27]CEO mindset January 09, 2021

                      Life has its own timing blog post
                           life has its own timing.

   Although I actually did enjoy the lockdown as I got the time to work on
   myself, the current pandemic, got me thinking. a lot. Just like the
   rest of the world, I found myself adjusting to a new normal, but also
   trying to keep my head out of the water as I lost my job due to it.
   (I'll probably write an article about that too). So obviously my very
   first thought was " maybe it would've have been different if .... ".
   But not everything works as planned, that's life. Because whether we
   like it or not, life has its own timing.

   I grew up convinced that I would end up being a Lawyer. "You should
   become a lawyer," they said, "You're always very opinionated". No, I
   wasn't. Just a very curious girl with an enormous wanderlust, eager to
   learn more and to challenge herself. So yes, I studied Law for a few
   months but guess what ... I didn't like it as much as I hoped I would.
   I quickly switched to Business and Marketing where I discovered the joy
   of creativity, branding, and storytelling. And apparently, I was pretty
   good at it. at some point, I convinced a jury of professionals about a
   business idea that I had in the back of my mind for quite a time
   now. "you know, you would have so many perks if you start now, instead
   of waiting as you planned. And of course, we support and coach our
   students-entrepreneurs. you won't be alone". And just like that, I
   started as a student-entrepreneur with an artist management company,
   called Sherwood Agency.

   But again, life has a different view of things. And what I thought
   would be a lifetime career made me realize that you cannot always count
   on others. Where was the help and coaching I was so kindly offered?

   But I've learned about myself too. I've learned about my weaknesses
   that keep me from growing as a professional and I realized I needed to
   learn much more about running a business before trying to start a
   company again. My weaknesses? I'm a shy introvert and an honest
   idealist who is terrified at the simple thought of not having it all
   figured out, stepping out of her comfort zone, and failing. On top of
   that, add a fair dose of ADD, which was still undiagnosed at that

   But despite this little failure (which, trust me, took me a lot of time
   to accept), I had learned a lot, and I started missing doing business
   again. I was even more curious and eager to learn new things, new
   cultures, new business and marketing techniques, and new languages. I
   became even more passionate about traveling and discovering new parts
   of the world. I became fascinated by stories of people who had nothing,
   no money, no system support, and managed to reach their goals no matter
   what. And just like that, my curiosity, my wanderlust and my will to
   become an entrepreneur grew a little more.

   So with that new will, and the feeling I wasn't ready to jump into the
   professional world as I had so much to learn, I decided to go back to
   school and enroll in an MBA. For the very first time, I struggled with
   my studies, which had never happened before. I also realized I had no
   real study methods and I had actually never studied probably. A few
   months, after a talk with my student counselor I let him convinced me
   to take a test and see if I had any "disorder" as they call it. I was
   diagnosed with ADD.

   [28]swim with the stream not against it

   One day in class, when I was having a very bad day and was making
   myself guilty of failing at school, I wandered off on my school website
   (who does that, tho?). And while wandering around on the website, I
   ended up on the page where all the summer programs were featured. One
   country caught my eye right away, South Korea. I had always loved the
   country and wanted to visit, but no one wanted to come with me. So
   without really thinking about it I just applied for that summer program
   in the middle of my taxation class. This turned out to be my first solo
   trip, my most beautiful travel, and the moment when I was the best and
   most honest version of myself. I had never been as happy as I was back
   in Korea.

   If everything had worked out as planned, Law school, Elle Woods-kinda
   career, married by 22 (lol) and children by 25, I would have never met
   the friends I have today, I would not know that I can actually be
   completely happy and myself, I would not know that my greatest skill is
   my creativity. If everything would have worked out as planned, I
   wouldn't even know myself.

   If there is one thing I need to learn from this, is to let go. I need
   to learn to adapt to the situation because as this story and 2020 has
   proven us, there is no such thing as controlling life. It's life, that
   controls us and we should go with the stream instead of swimming
   against it.

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[30]10 Lessons from Emily in Paris on Netflix // CEO MINDSET & BUILDING AN

   [31]building an empire January 08, 2021

   [32]10 lessons from Emily in Paris

   I finally had the time to start watching Netflix's new romantic comedy
   Emily In Paris. After 2 months without Netflix, I fell for it again and
   renewed my subscription to see Blackpink's documentary Light up the
   sky.  And once I had to watch that documentary and had my account back,
   I thought why not watching something else - Emily In Paris.

   If you haven't heard about Emily in Paris, first of all,
   congratulations. This means you don't spend "enough" time on social
   media to be on top of all current talks. And that's a good thing. But
   if you wake up and check your IG notifications first thing in the
   morning,  (I swear no judgment, I do it too), then you must have heard
   of this new show that is set in the most romantic city in the world

   Although it is probably one of the most clichést show, I enjoyed it. a
   lot. I didn't judge you, so please don't judge me on that one too. But
   if you do not take that show too seriously, I promise it is fun to
   watch. I think all of us, whether we like to admit or not, sometimes
   wish that life could be as romantic as in the show. I mean, the Paris I
   know is far from the one Emily went to...

   So, despite it being so cliché, the nerd and the curious girl that I am
   couldn't help but try to find a few lessons to learn.

   1. If Paris calls you, you go.

   I think one of the best decisions that Emily ever took was to leave her
   life in Chicago behind to and fly to Paris. I know you heard it a
   thousand time, but stepping out of our comfort zone is such a crucial
   part of growth. If she hadn't gone to Paris, she would probably have
   stayed in Chicago, married her boyfriend, and keep the same point of
   view. But Instead, she went to Paris, learned to depend on herself and
   fell in love with both the city and herself.

   2. Do not live to work but work to live - Luc.

   When Emily asked Luc one of her colleagues what was so wrong with her
   approach , he answered that simple little phrase, saying that Americans
   were living to work whereas French people were working to live.
   Although I do not agree that it's an American or a Parisian thing,
   there is some truth in it. Some people like me, tend to forget that
   building a career is not the only thing that life is about.

   3. Things get lost in translation.

   You may use the best dictionaries and translating apps, a language is
   more than just a few foreign words. A language is a culture and a set
   of subtilities that you cannot translate 100% accurately. The solution?
   Just learn that damn language you have always said you would. I will
   probably write a bunch of articles sharing my tips and hacks on that
   topic as I love learning languages.

   4. Enjoy the party.

   Try to live in the moment and enjoy the moment instead of jumping to
   the next thing on your to do list.

   5.  There is no one size fits all.

   When Emily arrives in Paris with her "American P.O.V" she was surprised
   to see that everyone hated her. Why? it's simple. She arrived and
   wanted to replicate what they did in Chicago on the Parisian brands and

   And that's not how it works. Business owners out there, hear me out:
   OTHERS DO TO YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Of course, there are things that others
   may try that will also work for you, but you need to understand who
   you're communicating to and for who you are creating content. Not
   everyone has the same target, and that's the fun thing in marketing.

   6. Dare to share your ideas.

   I know it might be a little nerve-wracking, but please babe, don't die
   with a notebook full of ideas. Share them. You may be surprised by what
   can happen. Also, as I was always told, they are (almost) no bad ideas.
   Some ideas can lead to other ideas that might be successful. But to
   have that one successful idea, you may need that not so good idea

   7. But don't impose your opinions on other.

   8.  C'est la merde*                          (*t's shit).

   Although I'm all for that "romanticizing your life"-kinda mindset,
   sometimes you cannot. Even movies and Tv-shows characters have their
   downs. Sometimes you gotta learn to accept the situation as it is.

   9. There's more to people than you may think.

   You don't always know why people act a certain way. Or what they've
   been through. Each one of us has a past and stories that led us to
   where we are and who we are. Of course, this doesn't excuse a nasty
   behavior but helps us understand the underlying problem.

   10. The vagina is not male.

   [33]Do not live to work but work to live
   And last but not least, as Emily shares it on her Twitter account, the
   vagina is not male. If you have seen the show, you know exactly what
   I'm talking about. I Just had to add that one and remember that we are
   the only one that should decide on our own bodies. It's ours so own

   There are probably a few more lessons or facts that I could have picked
   up from Netflix's Emily in Paris, so let me know what were the things
   that you noticed or remembered from the show. I enjoyed trying to find
   lessons from a random TV show, especially as it is considered so
   cliché. But once again this proves that no matter what the mindset is
   key and as long as we are ready and willing to learn something, there
   is always a little lesson hidden somewhere.



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[35]What I love about being an entrepreneur pt 1 // BAE - Building An Empire

   [36]building an empire January 07, 2021

   [37]What I love about entrepreneurship

   I have always been very busy. Between college, work, now this blog, and
   of course my business, this journey to building an empire hasn't been
   the easiest. I stopped counting the times I've heard comments "you're
   way too busy!" or "why are you always working", because the answer is
   simple, I love this entrepreneur's life.

   For the last months, I slept, breathed, worked, and
   talked [38]OFFLINES (my streetwear collection).

   Although this journey is still brand new, I'd like to share all those
   things that I enjoyed so far and maybe all those things that made me
   roll my eyes in part 2.


   The freedom.

   Cliché isn't it to say that the thing I like the most about having my
   business is the freedom to choose whenever I want to work and how I
   want to work. That's not a myth, as a solopreneur you are absolutely
   free to decide which 18 hours a day you are working. Cool, isn't it?

   I always found it weird to see how people working a 9-to-5 and who are
   not passionate about their job, are quick to jump out of their chairs
   as soon as the clock strikes 5. But try to tell a freelancer or
   independent to lay down their computers if the sun hasn't come down
   yet. Nope, it won't work. Basically, you need to rip that computer and
   smartphone of their hands to make them pause. The freedom. The freedom
   is not about the amount of work that is done, nor the number of hours
   worked but the freedom to work on something that truly speaks to your
   heart and set your soul on fire. (although let's be honest, even as a
   solopreneur it is not always the case).

   The title.

   "He asked me what my favorite position is, I answered CEO".

   I know, that's not a good reason enough to launch a business, but damn
   how powerful I feel every time people ask me what I do, and I get to
   answer that I have my own business. Oh, and their looks too. Don't need
   to mention that my shop has been up only recently and that the only
   sales so far are from my family and close friends. I mean, that's just
   a detail, you know ...

   The knowledge and confidence building up.

   Talking about feeling powerful... It is probably an understatement to
   say that I jumped right into the unknown. Taxes, how to manage an
   inventory, how to work with influencers, how to make social media ads
   and so many more topics I had (and still have) no clue about. But I
   keep going, and keep learning every day from the mistakes I make, from
   the little ups and downs, and honestly, I feel like I have learned much
   more in a few weeks than I ever did with my previous degrees (sorry,

   The positive feedback.

   Oh, and that IG post where I publicly announced that I was launching my
   business. See the thing is, as an introvert, I always keep everything
   to myself or share them with a very limited crowd, my family, and close
   friends. Going out and telling everyone on my Instagram that I was
   taking this daring step, knowing that probably half of the people there
   either don't care or hate seeing people doing better than them, was
   such a bloodcurdling moment for me. But I still did, you know that
   whole stepping out of my comfort zone thing. I knew I would have some
   positive feedback and encouragement from my friends but receiving
   messages from people I'm not that close to or haven't spoken in years,
   seeing them sharing my post on their stories and congratulating me,
   that felt amazing. Recognition from your work, ugh so much better than
   chocolate. (I mean almost).

   These are only a few of the things that I love about entrepreneurship.
   And if you read my "Existential crisis post" you probably know that
   right now I'm not that sure about all that anymore. I think I needed to
   write this little piece, to remind myself about the reasons I started
   and that despite the downs they are some ups to come.

   xx Shay.

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[41]Existential crisis, Sunday's rendezvous & building an empire //
Entrepreneurship community

   [42]CEO mindset January 07, 2021

Am I really going to start this blog on an existential crisis? Well, I think

   I have had countless of blogs, ideas, business concepts but never went
   through them. Because my passion for creating was burning too bright
   but deemed too easily by the opinion of others... and so many times
   before, I stopped on the verge of creating something beautiful, because
   I was just scared. Scared of how I would feel if it didn't work out or
   for anyone to found about what I wrote. That was way more intimate to
   me than my first time.


   But then time goes by and you realize that you've been running on a
   thread mile. You never actually moved forward. And your biggest fear of
   having regrets turns into reality when you realize that you start
   regretting the things you were too afraid to do when you had the time
   and opportunity to do them. And time is ticking, your friends are
   settling down, your family is asking when you're going to get
   married... and your life looks more and more like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
   theme song?

   I guess it's time to take some decision. What next? What's my plan
   B?  Maybe it's time to build that empire I have always dreamed of.

   Do I have a clue on how to do it? Not at all. But I guess that's the
   beauty of it. It's easy to find hundreds of blogs, Instagram account
   sharing the best tips for success and on how to change our lives. But
   why does no one share the process, the ups and downs that happen in
   between? So here I am again setting up a new blog, one that this time
   is for others to enjoy where I could share those in-betweens everyone
   keep secret. Me trying to navigate through and sharing a no BS story of
   entrepreneurship and personal growth, with a lot of pop culture
   references, a sprinkle of sarcasm and a fair dose of ugly truth.

   Brew your coffee, refill your cup of tea or make yourself a mimosa (I'm
   in no position to judge) and let's make this our little Sunday morning
   rendezvous. Let's take it back in time, when we used to make time to
   sleep in on a Sunday, to read our weekly magazine and where everything
   wasn't Instagram perfect. They say a Sunday well spent is a week full
   of content (or something like that), so let's take that moment to
   recharge, rest and remind ourselves that it's okay if not everything is

   I can't wait to share my journey and hear about yours.

   Xxx Shay.
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[45]Building an empire with our own codes // BOSS BABES & SOLOPRENEURS

   [46]building an empire January 07, 2021

   [47]blog post on entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship

   "Maybe you should quit your day job so you can focus on your business"
   yes right, Sharon* the Instagram business guru that sells her workshop
   at 4000 EUR. Don't you think that if I could, I would have? Of course,
   that would be so much easier to develop a business if I could focus
   100% of my time on my business. But unfortunately, I can't.

   My parents told me I could become whatever I wanted. By that they meant
   I could pick whatever degree I wanted to study for, they didn't mean I
   could be sitting in my bedroom hoping for my business to take off. It's
   not that they don't believe in my business, because they do. The thing
   is, they know that for me, an introverted black woman with ADD, it
   won't be that easy to get the help I need, and if I spent time off
   work, it won't be that easy for me to find another job after that.

   Dear Sharon, don't you notice that in your zoom class, from your 4500
   EUR mindset program, no one looks like me. And I'm not mad, you are
   right to use the chances you have and to sell your program to those who
   have the money to invest in it. Because I do believe that investing in
   yourself is the best investment you could make.  But I can't help but
   ask myself; Where do people even get that much money to put in a

   I follow a lot of IG business gurus as I'm struggling with my business.
   And even if they "started from nothing" they never quite look like
   me.  First of all, I'm mixed. I'm black but, too white to be black. I'm
   white, but too black to be white. Living with a single mother, I am
   often on a budget. But I have these big dreams of having my own
   businesses, creating the most creative and empowering workplace, and
   helping and inspiring others like me to do the same. Oh, and I also
   want to travel the world and maybe one day move abroad. I'm quite
   ambitious and a big dreamer this is quite an understatement. And it's
   easy to compare yourself with others, others that are at different
   stages of their lives, and have different opportunities, and blame it
   all on that.

   [48]However said entrepreneurs had to hustle 24/7 is a liar

   I finally realized that the problem was me not them. Well not really
   me, bu how I was trying to apply their rules and trying to take the
   same roads, when in fact for me other rules apply. I just need to
   create my own path one step at a time, and not following in their

   Why listening to service-based gurus when I have a product-based
   company? Why listening to someone so confident when I sometimes
   struggle to leave the house without make-up ?.

   We all have different stages, and you just can't jump in this journey
   and hoping to start where they started, without doing the groundwork
   that is specific to who you are.  They are already a few steps ahead,
   and taking shortcuts won't help if my foundations are not set.

   This is what I want to do with this blog. Well, let's call it a
   platform. I want to share a true story of entrepreneurship and
   especially all the work that goes beyond the entrepreneurship part. I
   want to talk about finding the balance between work and life because
   whoever said that an entrepreneur had to work 24/7 is one unhealthy
   bastard. I want to find the beauty in our differences and turning them
   into our personal strengths. I want to share the truth and the
   hardships of trying to make it into a men's world. I want to share
   about goal setting so that we can encourage each other to achieve them.
   I want to exchange with other introverts, or people with other
   personality traits that are seen as "unusual", in particular in
   entrepreneurship, a world ruled by those loud extroverts (no offense

   So this is the Plan B for anyone who just feels like they don't belong
   in the regular batch.

   Time for us to build our own empire, using our own codes, not theirs.

   I hope one day I'll get the opportunity to create affordable business &
   lifestyle coaching for people who actually need it.   Maybe a sort of
   class per class where you could choose the one that is most urgent to
   you and then when you start seeing results you could buy the next

   That is what I want, having a platform for people like us that are in
   minorities for which unfortunately other rules apply, people that don't
   always have the right support to back them up, the budget to realize
   their dreams, the confidence to go for it or who just want a tribe of
   hard-working babes that is not so IG perfect. Time for us to build our
   own empire, using our own codes, not theirs. This is our platform. This
   is our Plan Bae.

   [49]red blog post on entrepreneurship

   *In case I need to specified it; Sharon doesn't exist, and I was
   inspired by the many "coaches" I came across. In any case I am trying
   to make fun of anyone or name.
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About me

   About Me
   I am an MBA student and founder of a streetwear brand. Sometimes it
   looks like I have it all figured out, but the truth is, most of the
   time I am clueless AF. I share my journey without sugar-coating it,
   with a lot of pop culture references, a sprinkle of sarcasm, and a fair
   dose of ugly truth

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