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Sunday, 15 March 2020

[3]Redmi Note 9 Pro Release Date with Review

Redmi Note 9 Pro Release Date with Detail Review

   Redmi is an established brand in India, the company is releasing
   smartphones and other gadgets at affordable prices and its accepted by
   Indian users for its quality. Now Redmi is coming with its a new
   smartphone for Indian Market which is  Redmi Note 9 Pro and it is
   releasing on 17th March 2020 from 12PM you can book
   on [4]Amazon add [5]MI India.

                             [6]Redmi Note 9 Pro
                              [7]photo Credit MI

Redmi Note 9 Pro Specifications

   Brand: Redmi
   Model: Redmi Note 9 pro
   Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G
   Operating system: MIUI 11
   Storage: 64GB/128GB UFS2.1 flasah storage
   Camera: 48MP Quad Core Camera Array
   RAM: 4GB/6GB
   Display: 16.9CM(6.67) FHD+
   Battery: 5020mAh
   Price: 4+64GB 12999/ 6+128GB 15999
   Network: Supports 4G/3G/2G and VoLTE, Nano sim
   Connectivity: Supports 2.4G wifi/ 5G wifi and Bluetooth 5.0
   Weight: 209g (Hight 165.75mm Width 76.68mm Thickness 8.8mm)
   Navigation: GPS/GPS/Gallileo/GLONASS/BeiDOU
   Audio: Single speaker,3.5mm headphone jack
   Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor, E Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope.
   Colors: Glacier White, Interstellar Black, Aurora Blue.

Redmi Note 9 Pro overview

   Redmi Note 9 Pro is releasing on 17 March 2020 after 12PM this mobile
   has two variants 4+64GB  and another one is 6+128GB Redmi Note 9 Pro
   has Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 processor which is supported extraordinary
   performance in gaming if you are a lover, snapdragon has the highest
   performance in gaming comparative to snapdragon 675 and snapdragon 730
   Samsung A71 has snapdragon 730 and VIVo V17 pro has snapdragon 675
   Redmi Note 9 Pro has 48MP rare quod camera Array(48+8+5+2) Pixels and
   front camera with 16MP AI portrait mode that gives you 120fps selfie
   sol-mo and it is suitable for the night selfies, this smartphone has
   5020mAh battery gives you 20.5 days standby time, 210 hours of Music,29
   hours of calling,14 hours  of gaming time and it has 18W fast charger
   which will give you fast charge experience this mobile best suitable
   for frequent travelers

                             [8]Redmi Note 9 Pro
                              [9]Photo credit MI

   Redmi Note 9 Pro has 2 nano sim slots and 1 slot for MicroSD you can
   expand up to 512GB  and save your Music, Photos, and many more, Redmi
   Note 9 Pro has Triple cornering Gorilla glass 5 that gives you a
   scratch-proof display and smartphone has 2400x1080  FHD+ resolution
   with a different mode like standard mode, night mode, sunshine mode,
   color temperature adjustment with anti-oil and an anti-fingerprint
   protective coating.
   Redmi Note 9 Pro has the connectivity of GSM LTE wireless supports of
   2.4G and Wi-fi 5G and it supports VOLTE calling and all type network
   connectivity  4G/3G/2G , this smartphone supports MP4, V4, ACA ,AV and
   many more and it comes with 18W fast charger it could be better if MI
   provides 25W fast charger it will take less time to charge the full

What is good about Redmi Note 9 Pro

   Redmi Note 9 Pro comes with snapdragon 720G which will give you the t
   performance you can switch to different Apps easily it will give no lag
   in games and Apps it comes with great camera 48Mp by which you can snap
   high-resolution pictures and selfies even in the t and it has 5020mAh
   battery which the most valuable feature in the Redmi Note 9 Pro
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Saturday, 14 March 2020

[13]Samsung Galaxy M31 price and review

Samsung Galaxy M31 Detail Review With Price

   Samsung has come up with new mobile Samsung Galaxy M31 which is
   released on March 4, 2020, officially.

                            Photo Credit Samsung

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy M31

   Brand: Samsung
   Model: Samsung Galaxy M31
   CPU: Quad-core, 2.3 GHz, Cortex A73 + Quad-core, 1.7 GHz Cortex A53,
   Chipset: Exynos 9 Octa 9611
   RAM: 6GB
   Phone storage: 64GB/128GB expandable up 512GB extendable
   Sim: Dual SIm with VoLTE
   Display screen: 6.4 inches (16.1cm) Infinity-U display
   Battery : 6000mAh
   Charger: 15W fast charging USB type c port
   Colors: black and blue
   Weight 193Grams
   Sensors: Accelerometer, Fingerprint sensor, Gyro Sensor, geomagnetic
   sensor, light sensor, virtual proximity sensor
   Operating system: Andriod 10 and One UI 2.0
   Price:  64GB 15999, 128GB 16999.

Key Features Of Samsung Galaxy M31

   Samsung Galaxy M31 has a polycarbonate back cover which looks very good
   and shiny
   Samsung Galaxy M31 display type is Super AMOLED which provides supper
   fast touch quality experience.
   Samsung Galaxy M31 has a 6000mAh Battery which provides up to 48 hours
   of talk time,
   Samsung Galaxy M31 has 32Mega pixels front camera and the rare camera
   has (64+8+5+5) megapixel.

Overview Of Samsung Galaxy M31

   The Samsung Galaxy M31 has a quad-camera setup. The Samsung Company has
   launched M series with M30 in 2019 and this year Samsung launched M31.
   Samsung Galaxy M31 has two storage variations 64 /128GB and it has
   battery and processor same as M30 instead of triple camera Samsung
   galaxy M31 has a quad rear camera. The Samsung Galaxy M31 has a 6.4inch
   AMOLED display and EXYON 9611 processor with 6GB RAM and it runs on
   android 10 and one UI 2.0 the smartphone has 6000mAh battery which can
   be lost very long if you are hefty user as per company it can last for
   2 days, if you surf the internet it will be lost for 21 hours,  for
   talk time up to 48 hours and video playback gives you 28 hours of
   battery life which is more than enough. The Samsung Galaxy M31 has two
   colors first one is ocean blue and the second one is space black
   connectivity Samsung Galaxy M31 has 4G VoLTE, wi-fi 802.11, b/g/n,
   Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, with A-GPS, USB Type C.

                             Photo Credit Samsung

Multimedia Of Samsung Galaxy M31

   The Samsung Galaxy M30 has a loudspeaker and with 3.5 mm headphone
   jack. And recording features it has RDS.
   Mobile performance
   The Samsung Galaxy M31 on the Samsung proprietary One UI 2.0 based on
   Andriod 10. It is very fast and you can play low-end games it preloaded
   with multiple APPS like Netflix, Facebook as a Samsung shop. The
   Samsung Galaxy M30 is similar to the S10 lite smartphone. The best
   thing is about this smartphone is made in India with the economy price
   and it provides high-end devices features like fingerprint unlock and
   face unlock.

Pro Of Samsung Galaxy M31

   The display is excellent with the blue light filter.
   The camera is a really good front and rare with high-quality photos.
   The battery is 6000mAh which is the key feature in mobile for
   Fingerprint unlock and face unlock works very fast.
   Two sim slots work very well with LTE.

Cons Of Samsung Galaxy M31

   While switching from camera to apps it is lagging
   It has 15W fast charging but I will take long to charge
   For high-end gaming need to change graphics performance.

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Thursday, 12 March 2020

[19]Magnetic Tape Drive An Alternative For Expensive HDD

An Alternative Technology For Expensive HDD By Fujitsu

   [20]photo credit Fujitsu
   photo credit Fujitsu
   Fujitsu announced the high-speed access technology for magmatic tape
   storage which will be low cost compare to Hard disks and it can be an
   alternative to hard disks.
   Magnetic tapes have been used for the backup purposes for many years
   because of its high storage capacity and low cost it works on
   LTFS(linear Tape file system). The linear Tape file system is a file
   system that allows storing files on magnetic tapes and it requires the
   same data format both sides tape media and software to provide the
   Fujitsu has successfully implemented new innovative technology which is
   called a virtual integrated file system as per the Fijistu laboratory
   this technology will accelerate the magnetic tape storage to archival
   media for exponential growth in storage. Fujitsu laboratories are
   conducting verification trials to commercialize the product by 2022.


Process of Virtual integrated file system

   Magnetic tape storage is suitable for reading form and writing in
   sequential areas of tape drive its inability to access the data
   randomly is a roadblock to use into high data storage archival
   To manage a large amount of data on tape storage data is stored under a
   different directory on each tape drive on LTFS in which we require
   multiple tape drives and can access the data file by file basis same as
   on the hard drives
   Fujitsu developed a file system on LTFS this file system can virtually
   consolidate multiple tape cartridges as one drive and this file system
   can be applied to achieve high-speed access magnetic performance.it is
   similar to RAID(Redundant Array of Independent Disks) but works on Tape

                          [22]photo credit Fujitsu
                            photo credit Fujitsu

   LTFS maintains an index of each file on magnetic tape it increases
   exponentially as the number of file increases, for archival purpose
   user can write small files in large numbers which can affect read
   performance for that Fujitsu has developed a method to keep small file
   smaller than specified size by combings multiple smaller files to one
   large file on LTFS so the user can access without worrying the location
   of the files. And it manages the user metadata on a virtual integrated
   file system so that without accessing magnetic tape we can access and
   modify the list of attributes and delete the files without accessing
   the magnetic tape.
   Fujitsu has successfully implemented hierarchical storage system for
   magnetic tapes by using ceph( ceph is an open-source distributed
   software that was developed in University of California and manage by
   chep community) and access performance of the system, as a result, the
   time required to 100 read random files from 50000 individual files size
   of 100 MB files stored on the magnetic tape was 54000 seconds with the
   conventional method. By using new technology it was possible to read in
   1300 seconds which is impressive 4.1 time faster than the conventional
   system in addition while conventional system required 2.5 seconds
   required to move 256 individual files on the HDD onto magnetic tape the
   new technology enabled us to perform the operation in 1.3 seconds which
   is 1.9 faster than the conventional method. This technology will help
   the enterprises to manage the huge amounts of data like petabytes in a
   cost-effective manner.
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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

[26]Realme Band Review With Price Details

Realme Band Review and Details

   Realme has come up with its first-ever health band to compete with
   other brands like Xiaomi, the new Realme band has some exciting
   features which are not available in the same range price. we review all
   its features, pros, and cons.

                      [27]Realme Band Review and price
                             Photo Credit:Realme

Realme Band Specifications

     * Model: Realme
     * Color: Black, Yellow, green
     * weight: 20grams
     * wrist strap: removable
     * Battery: 20mAh
     * Heart rate sensor
     * IP68(1.5 meters) water-resistant
     * Bluetooth 4.2
     * USB direct connect charging
     * Price 1499

Realme Band Desing And Display

   It has a 2.4cm  color display with one button it is not a full touch
   display but you can manage all features with one button for the first
   time it will be some difficult but after that, you will be used to it
   the display is not so bright even if it is one full brightness, but the
   key feature is it will wakes up the screen when you lift your hand to
   check the time messages or notifications it has a 3-axis accelerometer.

 Realme Band Fitness Tracker And Sports

   Realme band has realtime heart rating which is not so accurate some
   times even if you remove the band it will show you heart rate it has
   sleep quality option by which you can monitor your sleep quality and it
   comes with 9 different sport mode especially cricket lovers they can
   track all activity in after the game, you can select any three modes
   out of 9 walk, Run, Yoga, Cricket, Spinning, Fitness, Bike, Hiking,
   Climbing to display on the band display from Realme mobile app.

                  [28]Realme Band Review with price details
                            Photo Credit: Realme


     * very stylish
     * affordable
     * detect  activity automatically like running and walking
     * no need to carry adaptor for charging
     * cricket sports mode


     * Heart rate not accurate
     * the wrist band does not look premium
     * brightness is low
     * not a full touch screen.

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