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   CALL 07766 771362

   Rediscover the speed of your PC with our in depth optimisation service.

                                 File Backup
       Protect your personal files with our USB drive backup service.

                                Boot Failure
   We can diagnose and repair boot failure to get your PC up and running.

                             Your Local Company
    In today's connected world we find ourselves ever more reliant on our
     computer systems, but when a fault appears it can break connections
      with family, friends or clients. Knowing how frustrating computer
    failure can be, we've created a local service to offer fast, reliable
                    solutions with minimum of disruption.
     If you experience a problem with your PC, simply call us and we'll
   arrange a drop-off time for you device. All we need from you is a brief
   description of the problem and your contact details, we'll take care of
                                  the rest.
   For your peace of mind, our fixed priced services mean that additional
   costs only arise when your computer requires replacement components and
   rest assured, we'll only recommended new hardware when it's absolutely
      necessary. You'll also receive a six month guarantee covering the
   original fault and a full manufacturers warranty for any hardware we've

                              Customer Service
    At Vectorbox we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service
   and the relationships we build with our clients. Every device we repair
   undergoes a full health check before it is returned to the owner and we
            also supply a complimentary technical health report.

                             We're Here To Help
       We're always happy to give advice and offer an appropriate cost
                             effective solution.

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