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                              Thank You AZ Blue

   TYAZB relies on your Generosity. Please help us support LEOs and K9s by
   Donating through Paypal or Venmo.
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   We've Come a Very Long Way...
   It's hard to believe our first year has come and gone.
   What started as a friendly post supporting our Peoria Police Department
   in the NextDoor App, blossomed and grew into a 501(c)3 Non-Profit
   Charitable Organization.
   Our Mission has remained the same:
   ...to make sure every officer, in every municipality, sheriff's office,
       marshall's office, reservation officers, and state police all
       receive one of our bags across the State of Arizona.

   Our organization has grown through the generosity of our members.
   Through the donations of supplies from small business owners and larger
   We have visited Maricopa County, MSCO, Pinal County, Santa Cruz County,
   Yuma County, La Paz County, Navajo County, and Yavapai County.
   In our first year, this wonderful organization has brought smiles to
   over 11,000 LEOs and 200 K9s across Arizona - and we are not giving up!
   We will continue to visit all of the counties in Arizona, and then -
   well - we'll start over again.
   Our bags are filled with protein rich snacks, and we also include
   personal items. We also have a special "Officer's Prayer" bookmark
   designed by ABD printing, and a hardworking craft crew who adds a
   unique painted rock to every bag. Additionally, the K9s always receive
   their own personalized "puppy bag". We include rope and squeak toys,
   tennis balls, doggie odor wipes, treats, a brush, q-tips for cleaning
   wounds, and a hand-painted picture frame with the K9 prayer.


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   ... and we have so much more to accomplish!
   Going into our second year, Thank You AZ Blue received our 501(c)3
   recognition by the IRS on July 15, 2021. To say we were thrilled, is an
   understatement. Becoming a 501(c)3 with all of the dedication of our
   group members has truly opened up many doors for us going forward.
   We are now able to begin our second phase, and opening up the doors to
   Thank You AZ Vets
   Thank You AZ Vets will operate under the same premise as Thank You AZ
   Blue. However, our signature "blue bags" will now become green, and we
   will be able to deliver these to Veteran homes, the hospital, deploying
   and returning military (all branches), and so many other Veteran Non
   Profit groups. Our TYAZB Board Member,[25] Kassie, will become the
   Director of this program, and she is already off and running with it,
   including working on sponsors and donors as we move forward.
   For those of you who are interested in learning more about our
   organization, or, if you wish to donate or sponsor events with us,
   please help by donating through Paypal or Venmo. Remember, all
   donations are completely tax deductible. To check out our donation wish
   list, we have made it super easy to order items, just visit our
   [26]Donations Wish List.
   Thank you everyone for making this small little group become a reality
   as a 501(c)3 organization. We could not have done with without our
   community support.
   God Bless all of you for your generosity and kindness.


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   Disclaimer: All information on this website is copyrighted to Thank You
    AZ Blue ("TYAZB"). Information contained and written is intellectual
      property owned by TYAZB. Our organization is fully aware there is
    another group started by previous board members of Thank You AZ Blue.
    Please be advised these previous members are responsible for helping
   themselves to over $3,300 of donations made to TYAZB. This information
   has been documented complete with signatures, driver's license numbers,
   copies of cancelled checks that had addresses changed, and a copy of a
    cashier's check directly from our bank account, made out to Thank You
    AZ Blue at our business address - and then cashed for cash after the
    parties involved were specifically informed by our attorney they were
   to "Cease & Desist" (twice). If you truly support law enforcement, you
      would question the motives, the ethics, the transparency, and the
    integrity of any person(s) or organization who displays this type of
                             entitled behavior.

                                 CONTACT US
                               Thank You AZ Blue
                                Peoria, AZ 85345
                              FEIN: 86-1401733
                             PHONE: 602-428-0748
  EMAIL: [27]admin@thankyouazblue.com [28][ucicon.jpg]      [29][fxicon.jpg]
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