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Thursday, September 16, 2021

[5]Impact of Buying Lots of Toys for Children

   Posted on [6]September 16, 2021 by Alexsander Temon


   People's economic conditions are better now, so when dealing with the
   matter of buying toys for their children, many parents are adhering to
   the "buy you can buy" point of view. After all, when most parents were
   young, because of economic reasons, I don't have many toys, so I don't
   want my children to live a childhood without toys like myself. This is
   how Alex's parents think, so in Alex's life, the most important thing
   is toys.

   When I was a child, saw some baby toys and she was very happy, and when
   her mother saw toys that the baby was interested in, she would
   immediately buy them for Alex. Alex was also very happy holding the
   toys, and Alex's mother was naturally very pleased.

   However, with the passage of time, Alex's attitude towards toys has
   changed. In the past, every time Alex got a toy, he would be happy for
   a long time, and he loved his toys very much, and a toy can be played
   with for a long time.

   However, later, Alex was more inclined to "buying toys". After buying,
   Alex usually played once and stopped playing. It seems that he has lost
   interest in toys. What is even more puzzling is that if Alex Zhu saw
   similar toys outside, and Alex still had the desire to buy them. In
   fact, Alex's situation is a bad performance.
   Impact of Buying Lots of Toys for Children

How will buying too many toys for my child affect my child?

   It is true that parents want their children to have a good childhood,
   but parents sometimes have to pay attention to their own behavior. If
   they buy too many toys for their children, they may have some bad
   effects on their children.

Impact 1: Children don't know how to cherish

   Alex's performance is very typical. In fact, in children's minds, toys
   are cherished, but if parents often actively buy toys for their
   children, or too easily meet their children's needs for buying toys,
   they will Cause children to have a habit of not cherishing toys.
   Because children feel that as long as they like it, they can get it,
   and it makes no difference whether to cherish it or not.

   Once this habit is formed, it will directly affect the stability of the
   child's mindset, causing the child to become less cherished in all
   aspects, including material and emotional aspects, instead of just
   staying in toys.

Impact 2: Problems with children's values

   If the child gets the toy too easily, it will cause the child to
   misunderstand the value of the toy and think that the value of the toy
   is very low. This is a kind of inertial thinking, whether it is an
   adult or a child, it will be easy to get, that is, the value is low.

   However, because the child has not established the correct values, this
   situation will directly interfere with the formation of the child's
   values, causing the child to have some incredible behaviors and ideas
   in the future. For example, the child will think that candy is more
   than a drone toy. Value, even using your own drone toys to exchange
   other people's candy, objectively, this value is very problematic.

Impact 3: Children's concentration is affected

   If the child has too many toys, it will also have a great impact on the
   child's concentration. This is actually the aspect that has the
   greatest impact on children's personal abilities because concentration
   will affect children's future learning. This learning is not only in
   school cultural knowledge learning, but also in life experience
   learning, skill learning, and so on.

   Why do too many toys affect children's concentration? In fact, when a
   child is faced with too many toys, it means that the child is faced
   with too many choices.

   Children need to analyze various factors such as the playability of
   each toy one by one. However, due to the huge amount of information,
   the child's processing ability is limited, and the time is tight due to
   the child's patience, it may cause the child to stop before the
   analysis is complete. Start playing with toys.

   However, in the process of playing, if the child analyzes a toy that is
   more playable, he may immediately abandon the toy he is already playing
   with and turn his attention to another toy, which will cause the child
   to be unable to concentrate on one or the other. Kind of toys, play
   with this and that, you can't concentrate at all.

   Of course, buying more toys will have a greater negative impact on
   children, but there are more toys, this is not the case. Compared with
   children who play with fewer toys, children who play with more toys
   will grow better.

How often does playing with toys affect children?

Can enhance the child's coordination ability

   In the process of playing with toys, the child's various coordination
   abilities will be greatly enhanced, such as the child's hand-eye
   coordination, physical coordination, etc. This is because when playing
   with toys, the child needs to use his hands and brain frequently to
   strengthen his brain. Vitality improves the efficiency of collaboration
   between the brain and the body and integrates the balance between the
   limbs so that the child's coordination ability is comprehensively

Can strengthen the child's intellectual development

   When playing with toys, the child's brain is in a more active state,
   and the child will continue to process the information on some toys,
   such as some building block toys, which will give the child a stronger
   exercise in logic and imagination.

   Different toys have different intellectual stimulations for children,
   but they have one thing in common, which is to make the brain work more
   sensitively, improve the child's information processing speed and
   processing ability, which is to make the child smarter and develop the
   child's intelligence.

Exercise children's perceptual ability

   In addition, when children play with some toys such as sound and light,
   color cards, the children's sense organs will be more intensely

   For example, some brightly colored cards or toys can promote the
   child's visual development, some light and sound toys can enhance the
   child's hearing development, and some fluffy toys can also increase the
   child's tactile sensitivity and so on.


   It is not good for children to buy too many toys easily. Parents can
   try to delay gratification and control the number of similar toys so
   that children can play more instead of buying more.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

[10]Why Do Children Lie? Parents Must Be Clear

   Posted on [11]September 14, 2021 by Alexsander Temon


   Many parents have encountered the problem of believing that their
   children lie. Some children will choose to admit their mistakes when
   they are discovered by their parents, but some children still refuse to
   admit it after being discovered, which makes the parents very angry.

   In fact, lying is a ubiquitous phenomenon in human society, and
   biological instinct exists in the consciousness of seeking advantages
   and avoiding disadvantages. The most important thing for children to
   lie is to analyze their motives for lying. The reasons are nothing more
   than the following:
   Why Do Children Lie? Parents Must Be Clear

   1. Other people's behavior toward the child's wrong behavior is too
   extreme. It is precise because of this extreme that children are
   reluctant and dare not to tell the truth truthfully.

   2. Cover-up negligence and avoid scolding. Children think that they
   will be scolded or even beaten by their parents and teachers for making
   mistakes, and choose to lie in order to protect themselves.

   3. In the process of gradual maturity, in order to satisfy their
   self-esteem, children will definitely exaggerate the facts of certain
   things and add fuel and jealousy to achieve their goals.

   4. There are also children who lack a sense of security and a stable
   environment, and tentatively lie to seek their own answers for some
   situations they want to understand.

   5. The last few parts are purely for fun and lies. This situation
   mostly occurs between classmates and peers.

Since it is a common phenomenon for children to lie, how should parents
educate them when we know the reasons for lying?

1. Confirm the child's lie

   When you suspect that your child is lying, you should first conduct a
   careful investigation and understanding to find out if the child is
   really lying. If you blame the child without investigating the truth of
   the matter, it may have an adverse effect on the child's mind and may
   even cause tension in the parent-child relationship.

2. Deal with children's lies reasonably

   Parents should take different [13]educational measures according to
   different situations of lying. Some lies are not intentional by the
   child. Find out the reason for lying, find out the problem and then
   take a reasonable solution.

   If a parent discovers that a child is lying, in addition to finding out
   the truth of the matter, he must find out more reasons in future
   education and think about whether the child's bad habits are related to
   improper education. Find out the reason in time and correct it, so that
   you can lead the child in the right direction step by step.
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[17]How To Educate Your Children?

   Posted on [18]September 14, 2021 by Alexsander Temon


   Education means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes
   another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul.
   [20]How To Educate Your Children?

   1. The main factor affecting children's performance is not the school,
   but the family.

   2. If there is a problem with family education, the child may have a
   hard time at school, and the child may become a "problem child" in the

   3. For children with good grades, their mothers are usually those who
   have a plan and move quickly. The more serious the father, the more
   organized, and the more polite, the better the children's grades will

   4. Poverty is an important resource for education, but it is not that
   the poorer the better, the more conducive to the growth of children.
   Parents need to provide their children with basic cultural information,
   so as not to let their children fall into the abyss of low self-esteem.

   5. Wealth is another higher-level educational resource. The experience
   of Westerners is: "It takes three generations to cultivate a nobleman."
   "Classes are inherited." However, higher-level educational resources
   need more advanced ones. Educational skills, if there are no more
   advanced education skills, wealthy families will bring disasters to the
   growth of children.

   6. Don't be knowledgeable but literate parents. Some people have high
   education but are not necessarily literate. If a parent does not know
   how to live, does not know how to treat others, or even how to treat
   his children, no matter how high academic level he has, he is also an
   illiterate person.

   7. Parents can regard their children as the center of the world, but
   don't forget that parents also have to live independent lives. If
   parents completely revolve around their children and lose their own
   life themes, such parents will often interfere with their children's
   growth in the name of love. Sometimes, it's not that children can't do
   without their parents, but parents can't do without their children.

   8. Parents need to take the responsibility of educating their children
   but don't completely cancel their leisure life just because of
   [21]educating their children. "I don't have a sense of responsibility
   to hurt others, and I have a sense of responsibility to hurt myself."

   9. If the parents hug the child as soon as the child is crying, then
   the child will take advantage of this characteristic of the parent to
   often pester the parent and make more demands. Therefore, if the child
   is crying, don't worry about picking up the child. It is best for
   parents to let themselves do things, and let the children watch their
   actions swiftly.

   10. The relationship between husband and wife affects the character of
   the child. If a man does not respect his wife, then his son has learned
   to disrespect his female classmates at school. If a woman does not
   respect her husband, then her daughter has learned to look down on her
   male classmates at school.

   11. Education is to cultivate people's spiritual appearance. The
   mission of parents and teachers is to make children gradually take
   responsibility for their own spiritual appearance, remove all kinds of
   contamination that may be contaminated, and cultivate spiritual "seeds"
   in people so that people can breathe the mountain air and make people
   feel proud.

   12. Educated parents are "Voltaire's", "I disagree with your views, but
   I swear to defend your right to speak". They began to reason with their
   children from the day they were born and patiently solicited their
   opinions. Don't expect to beat and scold the child to make the child
   learn to obey. The result of killing chickens to show monkeys is:
   monkeys have also learned to kill chickens.

   13. Let children become both passionate and rational people. "Without
   passion, no great cause can start well, and no feat can end well
   without reason."

   14. Let your children be educated, punctual, educated and punctual,
   queuing, not talking loudly in public, and not getting angry easily.

   15. Be kind. If your child is more kind, please don't laugh at his
   weakness. People who like to take advantage of small gains often suffer
   big losses because they are disgusted by others. The person who is
   willing to suffer a small loss will take a big advantage in the future
   because he is liked by others.

   16. The vitality of the body can bring about the vitality of the
   spirit. A person with good health and a sunny character. People who are
   in poor health hesitate to do things, dodging, and hesitate to talk.

   17. Don't think that children from 1 to 6 years old are just the age
   for growing their bodies. If parents let their children spend 1 to 6
   years with their grandparents or grandparents, and wait until the
   children are 6 years old, the parents take the children back to
   elementary school, then the child will either become a silent silencer
   in elementary school or become a lawless troublemaker.

   18. Often do three things with your child: one is to have a meal with
   the child, the other is to invite the child to fix toys, furniture or
   clothing together, and occasionally invite the child to help solve the
   difficulties at work. The third is to tell a story to the child and
   invite the child to tell the story by themselves.

   19. If there are no special difficulties, it is best for parents to
   hurry home and eat with their children every day. The common values
   ​​of the family are established when the whole family
   gathers around a table to eat.

   20. Tell the children stories and invite them to tell them by
   themselves. Let the children establish reading and writing habits from
   listening to the story so that the children learn to read independently
   as soon as possible, and develop the habit of lifelong reading as soon
   as possible. "As long as people are still studying, they will not be
   completely degenerate, and those who are completely degenerate will not
   read." Parents who never tell stories to their children are
   irresponsible parents.

   21. There are three critical periods for a child's growth: the first is
   around 3 years old, the second is around 9 years old, and the third is
   around 13 years old. If you miss the critical period of growth, there
   will be endless troubles.

   22. It's not "to stand at thirty", but "to stand at three years old".
   Around the age of three, children must establish the courage and habit
   of self-reliance. Whatever you can do, you must do it yourself, and
   what you should do, do your best.

   23. If your child liked Frost's verse when he was 13 years old: "Two
   roads branch in the woods, I choose the one with fewer people", this is
   normal, don't worry, he might choose later The one with more people

   24. It is necessary for parents to explain the reason to their
   children, but when explaining the reason to children around 13 years
   old, they should pay attention to the posture of their speech. Posture
   is more important than reason. Otherwise, the child will be disgusted
   and resist. The child will say: What you say is right, but the way you
   speak is very annoying.

   25. The secret in the heart is a sign of growth and maturity. If the
   child has something on his mind and he doesn't want to tell you, then
   don't force the child to tell his secret.

   26. When a child is 3 years old, it is best to have an inactive,
   laissez-faire parent by his side. Around the age of 9 years old, it is
   best to have an active and authoritative parent by his side. Around the
   age of 13, it is best to have a passive democratic parent by his side.
   Effective education is strict first and then loosens, and ineffective
   education is loose first and then strict.

   27. You must pay attention to your child's academic performance, but
   don't care too much about his ranking. However, we need to be wary of
   children whose academic performance is always the first. Some children
   have good academic performance and good personalities, and some
   children have good academic performance, but their personalities are
   selfish, lack compassion, and have no interest in life.

   28. You must let your child learn to interact with others and happily
   accept friends. "If parents are dissatisfied with their neighbors, are
   very critical of their children's friends, or prevent their children
   from making friends with them, and make the children feel as if they
   are very different from others, then these children will have a hard
   time growing up. Get along with anyone naturally.

   29. Children's growth needs companions. Let the children have their own
   friends, but don't have too messy partners. Before the children have
   formed mature rationality and judgment, be wary of the children's bad
   habits of getting involved with peers.

   30. Let your child establish a healthy aesthetic as soon as possible.
   Promising men will love healthy women. Don't let the child's aesthetics
   fall into a low-level, pathological state. Don't think that the small
   and sick are good. Don't think that the strong are all bad. Don't think
   that little sparrows, little sheep, and puppies are all cute, and don't
   think that lions, tigers, and wolves are all bad. Don't think that
   wolves are cannibals. Jackals only eat weaker ones.

   31. "The Catcher in the Rye" contributed a word to the world: watch.
   Education is not a matter of control or care. Between the control and
   the no matter, there is a word called "watch".

   32. Tell your children: Children who listen carefully will occasionally
   get good grades, and children who teach themselves will always get good

   Parents and children are like two big and small trees that are
   separated and close to each other. The big tree must shelter the small
   tree from wind and sand, and leave enough space for the small tree to
   feel the sun and breathe the air.

   In this way, the small tree can stretch freely and thrive in its own
   space. A small tree that is too close to a big tree cannot grow into a
   towering tree, while a small tree that is far away from the big tree
   has to resist the wind and sand alone. Although it is extremely strong,
   it is extremely easy to twist or die.
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