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   for important, moving ideas.

   SPURGO.de is a freelancer, located in the media mayhem Berlin. Crafting
   sustainable, important and moving ideas for your cause.

something that they'll love

   Your content and its perception is what tells people what you are.
   Let's create something that everyone loves!

Modern & engaging content

   Image-spot? Explainer-video? Education-material? What do you think we
   can offer together for your audience to make them participate in your

Build something that lasts

   Sustainable storytelling is something that we can build up from the
   ground and grow over time. People want to be part of your story!

shortfilms and videos

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[14]The End of Meat


[16]SUPERNOVA: Ende Gelände 2019




[20]Mensch Tier Bildung


[22]Meatless in schools


[24]Hannes Jaenicke - Im Einsatz für Löwen


[26]Earthquakes in London


[28]Colorful climate protest


Mario Burbach

award winning Visual Storyteller

     "I am Mario and I want to show you how we can improve the world with
     telling emotional and captivating stories that engage people. Get in
     touch with me and tell me where I can support you and your brand."

Tell your story





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