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   Sport Spa
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   Massage, spa treatments and dry pedicure

   Come to us to relax and unwind


   E-mail: ostrava@sport-spa.cz
   Phone: +420 607 660 278

Opening hours

   Mondy to Sunday: According to orders

Let us to take care of you

Nature products

   We use oils of the German brand Sixtus made from a mixture of alpine

   For nails, you can choose natural varnishes from the Orly brand of the
   breathable series.

   We're accepting Visa and Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, beneficial
   cards and checks from Sodexo, Unisek, Galery beta, Edenred, Benefit
   plus. Possibility of payments via fksp (Cultural and social needs

Pleasant environment

   A comfortable new salon equipment awaits you. Spacious electric massage
   table, comfortable electric pedicure chair. Noiseless pedicure device
   with suction function from Hadewe.

   Make your loved ones happy with our gift voucher!

Pleasant and experienced staff

   We have many years of experience in the field, which has been gained in
   sky resort  Spindleruv Mlın and overseas.
   To every visit you'll receive small gift from us. Finger massager. But
   hurry up, stock are limited!

We offer true enjoyment for all your senses. Sports, reconditioning and
relaxation massages, spa treatments plus dry pedicure.

The best of our offer

Sports, reconditioning and relaxation massages

Lymphatic massage

Reflex massage

Cupping massage

Hot stone massage

Breuss massage

Chocolate, grapes, peat, cranberries, seaweed, green tea massage

Parafffin, cinnamon, thermal peat body wraps

Honey massage

Dry pedicure

Wellness pedicure

Disinfection of footwear with the Klenz device

Hot towels

Therapeutic lamp TDP

   [32]About us

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Sport Spa

   Dr. Savrdy 3019/5, Belskı les, Ostrava, 700 30, CZ

+420 607 660 278


   © 2020 Sport Spa. Dr. Savrdy 3019/5, Ostrava, 700 30, CZ
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