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   Are you planning to relocate?

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   Whether it's for your home or for an office relocation, local or
   international. Needing to relocate your pets or vehicles and more.
   Relocation Station can put you in touch with industry leading companies
   who can accommodate all your relocation needs. Connect with a removal
   partner now.
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   Services We Offer Quotes On


Full-Service Moving

             Household / Commercial / International Relocations

   The service provider will provide an experienced team of movers that
   will come and uplift the furniture and provide a removal truck on the
   given day. Each item will be wrapped with a blanket for protection and
   tied securely down for transport. The items will then be offloaded at
   the new premises and objects placed in the designated rooms. A complete
   "door to door" service. There will be a team of professional loaders
   and packers that are attentive, caring and friendly. You will
   experience consistent customer service, whether you are moving local,
   office relocations or international for a stress free move, so you can
   settle in your new home or office quickly and comfortably. The
   experienced teams will take great care of your furniture and handle
   every item with the utmost care and respect. The loaders will carry
   your furniture and boxes to the specified truck or vehicle required and
   there will be a packer inside the truck/vehicle at all times to take
   care of your furniture and boxes so that nothing is left unattended and
   your items will be kept safe at all times. "We do all the heavy lifting
   for you."


Professional Packers

                 Professional Packing and Wrapping Services

   The expert team of packers can supply you with boxes, white paper,
   tape, bubble wrap, tubing and any other packaging material needed to
   prepare your items for transport safely. The experienced team of
   packers can pack your household items securely and safely into boxes
   for you with precision and care. A request can also be made to unpack
   the boxes at the offload destination. The experts can also dismantle
   and reassemble furniture if needed, the dismantling of furniture is
   done at the load point and reassembling of furniture is done at the
   offload point. Certain items like pool tables, tv cabinets, sleigh
   beds/poster beds and office desks need to be dismantled before your
   relocation, this can also be done for you by the removal company, this
   service is not limited as the team can also take down curtains,
   disconnect washing machines, this needs to be stipulated before the
   relocation. We also take care of the steps required to dismantle and
   reassemble grandfather clocks. The team will take great care and
   precision in disassembling and reassembling of your furniture.



                     GIT, All Risk and General Insurance

   There are two main types of insurance. The first type of insurance we
   offer is Limited G.I.T (Goods In Transit) insurance, and this is
   limited to the policy taken out and will be covered for fire,
   overturning, accidents and hijacking. This insurance is automatically
   included in the move. The second type of insurance is All Risk G.I.T
   insurance where the client has an option to take out or not, and this
   and will incur an extra charge which will be a certain percentage of
   the total value of the items being relocated. This will cover you for
   other events such as breakages to the items while in transit or on the
   premises. Even though the removal company has been in the industry for
   a long time and all precautions have been taken accidents can happen
   from the vehicle hitting a pothole to a person tripping over something,
   it is advised to consider the two types of insurance options.

   You can also receive household and/or vehicle insurance quotes from
   Relocation Stations partners, covering all angles of your new
   destination at the same time.

Additional Services


   Storage options are available for short term or long term storage.
   There are several different options ranging from warehouse storage,
   palisaded storage, containers or bricked single garage storage. Each
   storage option and period would require a separate level of wrapping
   service. All storage options are sealed, protected against vermin,
   dust, breakage, mould and mildew. Storage is monitored 24/7 to keep
   your furniture safe and secure.

   Pet Transport

   The extended family can also be transported safely. Your pet/s will
   receive careful attention. Your pet transport will have a stress-free
   trip and handled with the utmost care. Please note that some locations
   would need the pet to have seen a vet before travel. If your pet/s
   require certain dietary or medicinal care, the professional pet
   transporters will take care of that for you.

   Car Transport

   If you would like a vehicle or motorbike transported, this could be
   arranged for you with a car carrier service -- safe and trackable
   vehicle relocation. The service providers will take great care of your
   vehicle and make sure it arrives at its destination safely. Our service
   providers will make sure they have all the necessary information with
   regards to your vehicle that needs to be transported.

   Courier Services

   Courier services are available for smaller items. Your item/s will be
   transported safely and timeously. Tracking numbers will be provided to
   the client. Our service providers will handle your smaller items with
   care, and where you have stated the package is fragile, our experts
   will handle it so.

   Packing and Wrapping Supplies

   We use only the best packing and wrapping suppliers. When relocating,
   the last thing you need is the added stress of finding boxes, white
   paper, tape, bubble wrap. Our partners can supply you with a free quote
   on any packaging and wrapping materials that you may need for your
   move. They can advise you on the best option needed from the size of
   boxes to the best wrapping material for your mirrors, paintings and
   furniture etc. They offer a delivery service so you won't need to rush
   around on a busy schedule, freeing you to attend to other things.

   Cleaning Services

   An expert group of cleaners can clean your old home/office on departure
   and/or your new home/office on arrival for you. The expert cleaners
   will be efficient and professional to make your "old" home/office, and
   "new" home/office look spotless, feel fresh and as good as new.

If you have a particular relocation service you require

Please contact us
to discuss how we
can help you.

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   We Can Help You

   One of our partners can also come and give a quote at your premises,
   whether it is home or office.

   About Us -Relocation Station

   A complete site that will cover all the bases for relocation, whether
   it is a single item/package locally or across the country to an entire
   household / office relocation locally or internationally.

   Relocation Station is also a lead generating website for our trusted
   partners, so you have the option of comparing several moving quotes.

   Relocation Station will provide a service provider for whatever your
   needs are for your move, whether it is to move your household or
   commercial contents to the packing and wrapping of your household /
   office contents, the transport of your pets or motor vehicles, storage,
   insurance, and the list goes on.

   There are options!
   Our service providers are all established in the removals and transport
   marketplace, Relocation Station's main focus is on the client and their
   needs of a "one-stop-shop" of services and information on relocations
   and the smaller services we provide to prepare and equip you so that
   the stress of the upcoming relocation can be at a minimum.

   "With information comes options and with options comes freedom."
   With Relocation Station, you'll get a variety of services, with the
   attention of a team of experts. Our professionals are always updated,
   helpful, and thoroughly committed to offering the best solutions for
   those who are moving.

   With Relocation Station, you will get a variety of services, with the
   attention of a team of experts. Our professionals are always updated,
   helpful, and thoroughly committed to offering the best solutions for
   those who are moving. Our services include moving locally, to other
   provinces, and internationally, as well as storage options, courier
   services, pet transport, vehicle transport and insurance quotes as well
   as any moving services you may require.

   The moving agents are all industry leaders and have become household
   names in South Africa. They have all been checked and tested so you can
   rest assured the company is well equipped to protect and take care of
   your belongings. Our service providers are there to relieve the stress
   of your move day and to provide you with the peace of mind and
   assurance that your needs will be met and taken care of.

   - Cynelle Wendels (Owner)


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       We are a fully committed team of PARTNERS that come from a wide
       array of backgrounds, which help us offer the best moving
       experience with your best interest at heart.

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