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   xRay of Board

Why you see, what you see.

   Hey you,
   welcome to our Homepage! We are still in the building and creation
   phase of this project. We moved our provider this year and are still
   searching for the time to re-create the old layout. Until then you have
   to enjoy this page in a ... beta?

   Hope to see you again, when all this is finished. We try our best to
   keep it as short as possible.


What we do

     * Reading a lot about Android App coding
     * Kotlin learning on hyperskill.com
     * Java Backend creation for user-based data-service
     * Python RESTful Connection on Raspberry Pi as a Deamon-Script

   This will lead to the Project PyApp. With this App it should be
   possible for all Raspberry Pi Users (Beginner Coders) to connect their
   Pi with a simple Script to our Server, create an account for themselfs
   and control self-written Apps on their Pi via a simple mobile OS App
   (first Android, no macs to do XCode... love you Apple). For more Infos
   just click the project in the menu.

   Time schedule for this: sometime? We all have families, full-time jobs
   and some have part-time M.Sc. classes.

     * [18]Contact
     * [19]Our Git Page
     * [20]Uni Tübingen
     * [21]Rechberg

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