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   Photos of people. NSR is for everyone.

   ([21]Italiano: Tecnica Naturale Anti-Stress, [22]Português: Meditacão

   Take a look around you and you will see a stressed world made up of
   stressed individuals.
   Yet we now know that few of the overwhelming problems we take for
   granted either in our life or in our world are necessary. We believe
   that it is the right of every individual to peace, happiness, and
   productivity. This is why the international NSR(TM) project offers an
   end to individual problems for everyone on earth, available now,
   researched, and proven in the experience of over 6000 NSR practitioners
   Natural Stress Relief(TM) (NSR(TM)) is a simple do-it-yourself
   technique for experiencing a profound state of restful alertness. This
   inexpensive, easy-to-learn, and effortless program will allow you to
   sharpen your mind and wash away internal stresses, making daily
   activities more effective and enjoyable.
   On this website, you will discover how NSR allows you to "dive within"
   and effortlessly and systematically dissolve accumulated mental and
   physical stress, wherever you live and whatever your background. This
   mental technique is simple, easy, and enjoyable, and once learned can
   be practiced anytime and anywhere. Natural Stress Relief is [23]much
   more than just relaxation. It is a technique to [24]eliminate stored
   Forget having to travel to a distant meditation center as many as six
   times to learn an effective and effortless system of meditation. With
   NSR(TM) you learn in the comfort of your own home, and at your own
   pace. And, as your transformation to full functioning in life evolves,
   we provide four methods of personal support, some free and some at very
   low cost, to answer any questions you might have along the way.
   Please explore the other pages of this website to find out more by
   clicking the navigation links at the top of the page. If you would like
   to purchase the NSR(TM) course for your own personal use, please click
   the Order Form link.

  Compare with Transcendental Meditation®

   While we are not in any way related to the well-known Transcendental
   Meditation® program, NSR [25]compares well with TM®. In the American
   spirit of improvement through competition we are proud and happy to
   offer the world a more attractive alternative to TM® (on objective
   features) for practical stress reduction and the efficient development
   of self-actualization. We are proud and happy to be able to offer the
   public such an easy, effective, and natural program.

   The goal of Natural Stress Relief(TM) is a stress-free, more peaceful,
   happy, loving, creative, productive, and satisfying life.

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