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Welcome to the National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers®: The
Gold Standard of Stationary Licensure

   Benefiting Society in the Advancement of Professionalism in Operating
   Engineers Licenses through Independent Assessment by Competency

   National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers licenseholders
   are considered to be in the top-quintile of engineers or operators, and
   our licenseholders must submit continuing educational requirements
   annually. Our National Engineers organization provides individuals with
   stationary engineer license service by independent assessment through
   Agencies. A stationary engineer is a very-broad description of
   land-based operating engineers meaning not a marine operating engineer.
   The assessment is by examination or reciprocity. National has testing
   centers throughout America and parts of Canada.

   Individual stationary engineer license service by independent
   assessment is for individuals who are responsible for the operation and
   maintenance of either a steam or hot water boiler(s), steam turbine(s),
   electrical power generation, chillers, gas turbine(s) or combined cycle
   combustion turbine. The certification can be further identified by
   individual duties or a combination of individual duties as follows:
     * Management/Supervisory Certification - Responsible for entire plant
     * Supervisory Certification - Responsible for individual shift
     * Non-supervisory Certification - Group Leader
     * Non-supervisory Certification - Shift Engineer

   Mandatory Notice: Applicants must have [10]CE hours attached to their
   license application.

   Attached is a [11]PDF of typical organizational structures when
   applying a license.

   To ensure continued development of licensure programs, National
   Association of Stationary Engineers® has a Commissioners of Examiners
   consisting of Examiners and License-Holders at Large.
   Nationals Official License Certificate

   National is also recognized and required by Fortune 500 Companies,
   Utilities, as well as military installations, and jurisdictions. In
   addition, National has license-holders in the following jurisdictions:
   Alaska, Alabama, California, Chicago, Colorado, Connecticut, Dearborn,
   Detroit, Erie, Florida, Georgia, Grand Rapids, Idaho, Illinois,
   Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland,
   Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska,
   New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma,
   Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia,
   Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, Wisconsin, United
   States Coast Guard (Marine Engineer), US Navy, Ontario Canada, Alberta

   National is approved by the Board of Regents of Ohio to issue a valid
   occupational license.

   Consider a National Association of Stationary Operating Engineer®
   (NATIONAL) Licensing to advance your professional status today!

   National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers License
   National Association of Stationary Operating Engineers ®, A Stationary
   Engineer License Service(TM) a Registered Mark
   NASOE(TM) aka NASE www.nase.us and www.national-engineers.org
   © 2011-2019 All Rights Reserved National Association of Stationary
   Operating Engineers, Inc.


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