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   Line ID: Mafia.Bots24 hours Support
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   My Farms Bots
   Auto Gathering for android games, make your farms gather automatically
   [11]My Farms Bots
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               o [15]PC version
          + [16]Kiss of War
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MyFarms bot

The best and most Affordable Mafia City Bot


   Our bot is cost effective, saving you thousands when compared to in
   game pack


   MyFarms Bot comes with multi functions, such as auto shield and much

[42]Cloud Bot

   For those that don't want to run software in their computers, we offer
   a cloud based bot


   We support our customers via Line App. We aim to solve any issues
   within an hour

PC Version Bot

   Run your own farms
     * Unlimited farms
     * Easy to use interface
     * Cancel anytime
     * Support via Line App

   [44]Get Started

Cloud Bot

   We run your farms
   Monthly per farm
     * No Software required
     * Works on any device
     * Farms management portal
     * Support via Line App

   [45]Get Started

Farm Creation

   Let us create your farms
   Starting from
     * Choose from 3 Mansion levels
     * 50k Troops included
     * Farm ready to be used in Bot
     * Delivery within 7 days

   [46]Get Started

What's Included

PC Version Bot

     * Auto Gathering
     * Collect resources from city hubs
     * Plantations flowers ( Plant and sell )
     * Buy VIP day from plantation *
     * Buy Gathering buff from plantation *
     * Activate VIP
     * Date babe
     * Auto Shield *
     * Gems
     * Use gathering skill
     * Use 5 hours production skill
     * Auto clan help
     * Auto clan donations
     * Collect clan kickbacks
     * Auto repair wall
     * Auto make troops
     * Auto heal troops
     * Auto upgrade buildings *

Cloud Bot

     * Auto Gathering
     * Collect resources from city hubs
     * Plantations flowers ( Plant and sell )
     * Buy VIP day from plantation *
     * Buy Gathering buff from plantation *
     * Activate VIP
     * Date babe
     * Auto Shield *
     * Gems
     * Use gathering skill
     * Use 5 hours production skill
     * Auto clan help
     * Auto clan donations
     * Collect clan kickbacks
     * Auto repair wall
     * Auto make troops
     * Auto heal troops
     * Auto upgrade buildings *

Farm creation

     * Choice of 3 Mansion levels
     * 50k troops included
     * Investments partially done
     * VIP 5 Garanteed
     * Gmail account Optional
     * One time payment
     * Delivery within 7 Days
     * Farm ready to use
     * Bot NOT included

Our Customers Reviews

   [47]Santa Z.
   Read More
   This made my game 10 times easier, huge plus, they are always available
   and always answer any questions, not just about farms and it's bot. But
   all they know about game! Love it and will keep using it! Good job!
   [48]Fabio S.
   Great guys
   Read More
   Been with them for some time, cannot recommend them enough. They been
   running my farms for over 3 months, worry free. I just change resource
   in their website and their bot do the rest
   [49]Miss J.
   Great Service
   Read More
   Great service, very good communication, i am very satisfied and can
   only recommend it, they're doing a great job
   [50]Kk K.
   Very good service
   Read More
   Best service ever mafia city go go go go go go go go go go go go go go
   go go KK go go go go go go go go

Frequently Asked Questions

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Farm Auto Bot (6)


Can you supply farms for using with the bot?

   Our bot service is for existing farms, we do however have a farm
   creation service at a extra charge. you can check it [51]Here
   Category: [52]Farm Auto Bot
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How can i change resource in my farm?

   Upon setup, you will get access to a farm management website where you
   can adjust all farms settings in real time
   Category: [53]Farm Auto Bot
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Can I still access my farm?

   Yes, you can log in and check your farms and do things as you wish.
   Category: [54]Farm Auto Bot
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Can I move my farms in the map?

   Yes, you can teleport them and placed in your designated area.
   Category: [55]Farm Auto Bot
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Is it possible to enable looting only at resource sites level 5 and 6. No
level 7?

   We highly recommend to keep your farm account away from other
   territories. You can put them near to non crowded level 5 to 6 tiles.
   Category: [56]Farm Auto Bot
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How does it work?

   Your farm will be controlled by our bot. Our system will gather non
   stop resources for 24hours a day without your supervision.
   Category: [57]Farm Auto Bot
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Payments & Cancellations (2)


How can i pay for the bot?

   We currently accept Paypal, or credit/debit cards
   Category: [58]Payments & Cancellations
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Do i have to give any warning before i cancel my subscription?

   No, the subscription is on a month by month basis, without any
   commitments. You can cancel at any time
   Category: [59]Payments & Cancellations
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