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Michael Scharrer


   All sorts of POV-Ray related stuff by Michael Scharrer including a
   [10]collection of scenes and [11]scc5 re-renderings. Free source code
   and downloads are always included.

[12]Contact Michael Scharrer

   Everything you need in order to contact Michael Scharrer. Email
   address, PGP key, various online accounts and more.

   Website by [13]Michael Scharrer, powered by Gentoo Linux and Nginx.


   1. https://mscharrer.net/
   2. https://mscharrer.net/de
   3. https://mscharrer.net/zh
   4. https://mscharrer.net/zhs
   5. https://mscharrer.net/
   6. https://mscharrer.net/de
   7. https://mscharrer.net/zh
   8. https://mscharrer.net/zhs
   9. https://mscharrer.net/povray/
  10. https://mscharrer.net/povray/scenes/
  11. https://mscharrer.net/povray/scc5/
  12. https://mscharrer.net/contact/
  13. https://mscharrer.net/