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     Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.
     Alan Key

Who We Are

We love all smart things.

   We are team of experienced specialists who love computers, smart
   devices, Internet and pretty much everything with display and buttons.
   Our strength is in developing tailor-made projects, created to suit
   exactly the clients' needs. We create clean, fast and smart solutions
   that work.
   We have strategic partners from Germany, Austria and Bulgaria, as well
   as long-term clients, for whom we created various projects and mobile
   Our growing portfolio includes e-commerce platforms, hotel management
   system, CRM system, event and corporate sites.


Android applications development

   We create beautiful Android applications.

Custom Web Projects

   We specialize in complex custom web projects and have already made
   quite a few.

Special offers

   [7]Promotion: migration of apps from OpenShift v2 to OpenShift Online
   Pro/OpenShift Container Platform v3.

Check some of our apps:

TV Programme

Aggatha's Place

   [8]123 dir.bg

Beer Browser

Water Levels

     We get things done

Get in Touch

   Give us a call on [9]+359888794289 or write us a message below.
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