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Domain: meerapublicinfo.is

  This is a web page dedicated to "the other Meera Kaul"

    We are worldwide victims of Meera Kaul and her various scams. To prevent
    future victims, we have put together a list of the publicly available
    lawsuits and judgements to better shine a light on her activities.

   [1]Many of these lawsuits were found in this Pando article about Meera
   The Lawsuits and Judicial awards against Meera Kaul ($5 Million USD +):

   Who and How
   $445,825.76 USD Awarded
   MA Labs - Meera Kaul (sole owner of Optimus Ventures) purchased
   computers, did not pay for or return them ([2]17CIV01484
   [3]Judgment personally against Meera Kaul, San Mateo County)
   $144,693 USD Awarded
   Microland Electronics - Meera Kaul (as sole owner of Optimus Ventures)
   purchased computers, did not pay for or return them ([4]17 CIV 01779
   [5]Judgment personally against Meera Kaul, San Mateo County)
   $236,740 USD
   Datec North America Computers - Meera Kaul (sole owner of Optimus
   ventures) purchased computers, did not pay for or return them ([6]17
   CIV 01780, San Mateo County)
   $129,939 USD
   Platinum Components - Meera Kaul (sole owner of Optimus Ventures)
   purchased computers, did not pay for or return them ([7]17 CIV 01571,
   San Mateo County)
   $2.6M USD Awarded
   Dubai verdict against Meera Kaul ("Ebtamus Computer Trading) in UAE by
   vendor (Dubai Courts: [8]Commercial, Full Jurisdiction 2017/993),
   unpaid invoices #3669 $267,960; #3670 $473,266; #3830 $107,883; #3836
   $196,683; #3873 $267,334; #3838 $635,526; #3857 $686,385, $2.6M total.
   Defendant Koul did not attend second hearing.
   $21K USD
   Meera Kaul (aka Mia Sriv) did not pay her attorney ([9]20 SC 084102,
   Santa Clara County)
   Susana Craig, hired as Chief Operating Officer of Menina Kaj Femme, aka
   Meera Kaul Foundation, aka MKF Impact, was never paid for >4 months of
   work ([10]18 CV 323155, Santa Clara County)
   [11]Complaint by Meera Kaul dismissed for a pattern of discovery abuse,
   defiantly violating court orders
   Meera Kaul, sued by Vasper Systems in cross-complaint, misrepresented
   academic credentials (falsely claiming to be an MBA and trained
   lawyer), fraudulant use of company credit card, misappropriation of
   company funds pay Meera Kaul Foundation expenses and personal expenses.
   ([12]17 CV 321005, Santa Clara County)
   $200,000 USD
   Dubai verdict against Meera Kaul ("Abtamus Computer Trading") in UAE by
   former employee (Dubai Courts, [13]Labor case 2017/1241 arabic with
   english translation 4 dirham=1 USD, award is for $200,000 USD including
   $60000 in unreimbursed personal credit card payments on behalf of Meera
   1M AED ($250,000 USD)
   Bounced checks written to cover a loan agreement in UAE (Dubai Police
   report (arabic) (english) with copies of bad checks with Meera Kaul's
   $525,000 USD)
   Meera Kaul, sued by Yaana Technologies for Fraud, Conversion, Breach
   and more, took $525K in fees for access to non-existent line of
   credit.([14]18 CIV 02373, San Mateo County)
   $6,450 USD awarded
   Meera Kaul hired CPA Safwat Said, did not pay for services, judgment
   entered in favor of CPA Said ([15]San Mateo County 17 SCS 00590)
   [16]$269,050 USD check bounce (from 18 CIV 01484), San Mateo County
   [17]forging signatures (from 17 CIV 02373), San Mateo County
   [18]bank wire fraud with forged bank transfer letter (from 17 CIV
   01484), San Mateo County
   $2M USD
   [19]Jennifer Bell, listed as staff at Meera Kaul's
   GermaniumVentures.com in 2014, [20]scammed $2M from hollywood actors
   the following year

   Original references for case lookup are below:
   San Mateo Court case search:  [21]https://www.sanmateocourt.org/midx/
   Santa Clara Court case search:
   UAE court website:
      run the Dubai Court arabic verdicts through translate.google.com or
   a chrome browser with language translation extension
   Know of a scam/lawsuit/verdict not listed here connected to:
   Meera Kaul,
   Meera Koul,
   Meera Kaul alias Mia Sriv,
   Optimus Ventures,
   Momenta Global,
   MKF Impact,
   Meera Kaul Foundation,
   Menina Kaj Femme
   or any of her other 100% owned companies? Send it to
   [24]new_scams@meerapublicinfo.is Publicly available and confirmable
   information only (as with above cases and verdicts).
   This domain is fair use because:
     * The person it describes is a public figure, [25]as the subject's
       facebook page catagorizes itself, click on "reviews" on the
       subject's own FB page and find [26]this FB complaint of being
       cheating (not clubbed with the others below)
     * The image is altered as parody of the original image and made
     * No confusion can exist that this is an official web page for the
       subject - do a google search on the subject's name to be
       overwhelmed by all of the other ones.
     * meerapublicinfo.is and the image below are not for sale, nothing is
       for sale, this noncommercial website contains only freely available
       information about a public interest.
     * Summary: this is a noncommercial informational website in the
       public interest about a public figure ([27]by her own FB page


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