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Domain: larsen-family.us

                           Larsen Family Home Page

                       We are a family of 7 in NH, USA

                                [1]Contact Me

   [2]Click to see Larsen Family January 7, 2006 (3970x3050)

                        Picture taken 7 January 2006
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              Stanford lost his battle with cancer 23 Jan 2007.

               Please visit the [8]StanfordLarsen.org website.

       I'm constantly adding pictures to the site. Digital cameras are
      wonderful and pictures are added soon after they are taken. I've
                scanned every picture I've taken since 1966.

                             [9]PICTURES & STUFF

    I've been working on organizing my parents' photographs and history.
                                Check it out.

                          [10]LARSEN FAMILY HISTORY

   There are lots of other pages on this website having to do with family
             and church. Click on the link below to see the list

                          [11]Links to Family Stuff

   I've written a few bash script utilities that have come in quite handy.
              Click the following link to find out about them.

                              [12]BASH SCRIPTS

             Below shows output of some of the scripts in action

               [13]ping_tests - [14]ssh_tunnels - [15]backups

                         [16]France Toulouse Mission


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