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   Introducing our latest product

Transport/Logistics Management

   Transport and logistics software can streamline and support the manual
   tasks of your business from quotes, route management, permits, trucks,
   fleet, load management and customer self-service.
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   Route Management

   Many people are still printing emails to work out what order to do jobs
   in the next day. Improve your focus on delivery, customer service and
   satisfaction is why you want to work with Keystone to grow your
   business without growing your hours.

Job Management

   Manage the entire transport job workflow from sourcing the job
   assessing the permits required for transport, with Keystone Transport
   Management. Eliminating time consuming manual data entry and let your
   team to move quickly through each step of the process.
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   Job management
   Permit management

Built in Permit Management

   Manage the entire permit application process and renewals.  Include key
   information such as:
     * Relevant government authorities
     * Tasks, notes, expiry and renewals
     * Dates including escalation points
     * Current status and required next steps

Customer Management

   Manage your entire customer base from a central repository.  Eliminate
   manual and duplicate processes when applying for permits, fleet
   management, contact information and registration.
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   transport management software
   What To Expect

Core Features

Automate Your Process

   Gain a holistic view of quoting and permit applications, status of
   customers expectations with real-time dashboards & reports. Measure the
   efforts and optimise your efforts.

Automate Your Applications

   Provide automation to manual tasks and applications. Allow humans to
   interact with humans while maximising their ability to service

Collaborate With Customers

   Give customer what they want to improve service, reduce status update
   enquiries and a self service portal. Transform your customer

Process Optimisation

   Increase your ability to further enhance your ongoing business with
   real-time dashboards & reports. Let customer self service to help
   reduce enquiries and give them answers faster.

Seamless Integration

   Integration to over 400 software and online systems to share data,
   information and verify inputs. Advanced integration removes risks of
   rogue data.

Enterprise Security

   Your data is protected by world class infrastructure. The solution is
   available to be deployed via SaaS or optionally into your secure

Keystone helps you manage your business

Web Design

   Extend your solutions to your customers with web access for the easiest
   way for them to self service, gain the information they need and
   improve communication with them.

App Development

   Developed to provide open data for integrating with legacy and modern
   applications to provide real-time dashboards & reports. Measure the

UX Design

   We develop with the end in mind and work to our requirements.  This
   ensures adoption and ownership from users, and solutions have maximum
   business impact.

We focus on developing solutions to encompass your business needs, and your
customers too

Customers See Higher ROI

Improved Visibility

   Vehicles, dimension, mass, loads and routes to name a few with quick
   easy access.

Better Collaboration

   Working with the NHVR, Police, councils, rail, utilities and more in a
   central system.

Efficient Management

   Calculate, manage, record and track/store important vehicle
   [26]Contact us today

   Manage your digital transformation and transform your process, with the
   team at Keystone Technology.


   Mon - Fri : 9.00am - 5.00pm

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