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   Jazykové centrum
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   Language Centre Ostrava


     * Learn to communicate more fluently and accurately in English,
       German and Spanish.
     * Enjoy interesting and effective lessons.
     * Bilingual teaching English/German, Spanish/English.
     * All students from any country are welcomed!
     * Join the courses at any time of the School Year!

     * We offer a variety of afternoon courses which focus on improving
       conversational English, Spanish, German skills or Academic Exam

     * Small class sizes of 10 students maximum
     * Experienced and enthusiastic teachers who care about your progress
     * Excellent variety of quality courses all year round
     * Preparation for exams.
     * A relaxed and friendly atmosphere where every student is known by
     * British Council partner institution
     * Ostrava -Poruba location - buses and the tram stop near by the

   We cooperated with University of Ostrava, Technical University,
   Preschool by Technical Univeristy, Regional office,...

   Language courses for children, teens and adults, all levels.

   Our specialization

   Language centre with the focus on preparation of students towards
   language exams from English, German and Spanish. Study Centre provides:
   catch-up/extra classes for the students of Elementary Schools as well
   as High Schools - preparatory courses towards Maturita exams, admission
   and matriculation exams - foreign language translations and
   corrections, interpretation, analysis, discourse analysis -
   text-writing, content-writing - forensic linguistic services for
   private persons or companies.

   Our Courses are also available during summer holidays.

   Our teachers have an enthusiasm for their subject and an excellent
   command of their field. They know not only how to inspire and motivate
   their students, but also how to build up the students´ confidence so
   that they can use the language in the real life situations.

   IFRAME: [11]//www.youtube.com/embed/cRR5Ltw4KX8?wmode=opaque

   Online lessons video

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Contact us


   Monty School

Jazykové centrum/Language Centre

Owner: Mrs. Milena Ogurcáková

   Ostrava - Poruba, Spanielova 3

   IC: 68945370

+420 737 487 491



We will be happy to give you more information

   [17]It begins with an application, however, it does not end with a
   certificate only! Contact us here!

   Language centre Milena Ogurcáková Ostrava
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