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   Notes from a country on a suicide mission

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[9]"... and cancel Christmas!" (again)

   [10]October 28, 2021October 28, 2021 [11]myself

   It's eight weeks to Christmas, and in a perfect storm of Brexit, Covid,
   and supply chain problems, the shit is hitting the fan. Again. It
   started with the HGV drivers. The pictures of empty shelves in
   supermarkets and queues around the filling stations have made the news
   everywhere. The UK is about 100,000 HGV drivers short; 40,000 of those
   were... [12]Read more"... and cancel Christmas!" (again)

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   [21]July 12, 2021July 12, 2021 [22]myself

   Didn't come home, this time. History was made, and lost. England made
   it to the finals of the Euros 2020, and couldn't finish the task.
   Properly psyched out by the Italian goalie Donnarumma and his
   side-step, Rashford missed the box completely: (0:24) and Saka buckled
   under the pressure. To be fair, that was A LOT of pressure on the
   shoulders... [23]Read moreFootball


[25]How to end a government career

   [26]June 29, 2021June 29, 2021 [27]myself

   The way to end a government career is not by being stupid, but by
   becoming expendable. Meet Matt Hancock, MP for West Suffolk,
   unassuming, unambitious, always towing the party line. And as of last
   Saturday, ex-Secretary for Health and Social Care. To be fair to poor
   Matt, when he got the job in 2019, no-one expected much from the
   Department... [28]Read moreHow to end a government career

   [29]Corona, [30]Meet the Clowns, [31]UK politics  [32]Tory, [33]UK

[34]Get them early

   [35]June 25, 2021June 25, 2021 [36]myself

   Today is the last Friday in June, and today is OBON Day. Don't worry if
   you have never heard of it, no-one on this island really has. And it
   would have stayed this way, if the UK Department for Education hadn't
   gotten involved. OBON stands for "One Britain One Nation," and started
   out in 2005 in Yorkshire as a non-profit.... [37]Read moreGet them

   [38]Brexit, [39]UK politics  [40]Alba, [41]Cymru, [42]Free School
   Meals, [43]Northern Ireland, [44]Tory, [45]UK government

[46]An election and its consequences

   [47]May 4, 2021May 4, 2021 [48]myself

   Scotland goes to the polls the day after tomorrow. Since I am living
   here, and am over 16, and Westminster considers this to be a local
   election, I am entitled to vote, and I will definitely make use of that
   opportunity. The question is, for whom? Actually, it's not really a
   question, but let's have a look at the choices... [49]Read moreAn
   election and its consequences

   [50]UK politics  [51]Alba, [52]Election, [53]Labour, [54]SNP, [55]Tory

[56]Quo vadis, Ulster?

   [57]April 29, 2021April 29, 2021 [58]myself

   This is what happens when you have the week off, and don't feel like
   following the news - the world turns in uncomfortable directions. Where
   to begin? Let's start with the one that has the farthest reaching
   consequences: Arlene Foster, First Minister of Northern Ireland,
   resigned today. Most famous in Northern Irish politics for the Cash for
   Ash scandal. Also... [59]Read moreQuo vadis, Ulster?

   [60]Brexit, [61]Meet the Clowns, [62]UK politics  [63]Northern Ireland,
   [64]Withdrawal Agreement

[65]A man's ego and a nation's destiny

   [66]March 17, 2021March 17, 2021 [67]myself

   What does it take for a politician to realise that his career is over,
   that his influence is diminished, that the dinner speech circuit
   awaits, and that the rest is history? Alex Salmond was Scotland's First
   Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party during the first
   independence referendum in 2014; Nicola Sturgeon was his deputy and his
   protege. There... [68]Read moreA man's ego and a nation's destiny

   [69]Brexit, [70]UK politics  [71]Alba, [72]Tory

[73]From one border to another border

   [74]February 23, 2021March 3, 2021 [75]myself

   It is one of those cases where the devil is in the details. When the
   Brexit referendum machine got into full swing, not one Little Englander
   gave a thought or a damn about the border between Ireland the Republic
   and the 6 counties on the north-eastern tip of the island. That border
   ceased to exist with the ratification of the... [76]Read moreFrom one
   border to another border

   [77]Brexit, [78]UK politics  [79]Northern Ireland, [80]Withdrawal

[81]El Dorado turns into a government-advised exodus

   [82]February 3, 2021February 3, 2021 [83]myself

   It has now been one full month since the transition period ended and
   especially trade had to do business under the proper rules of being a
   third country. And what a joy it has been. Within a week, DPD suspended
   deliveries between EU and UK, Waterstones (books) and John Lewis
   (everything household) stopped selling to European customers, Marks &
   Spencer... [84]Read moreEl Dorado turns into a government-advised

   [85]Brexit  [86]business, [87]fisheries, [88]Trade Deal

[89]The timorous beastie ventured North

   [90]January 30, 2021January 30, 2021 [91]myself

   On Thursday, the fearless leader of the (still)UK showed his face in
   Scotland. It might have had something to do with the fact that the SNP
   published its roadmap to an Independence Referendum this Monday. Or
   that the Scottish Tories lost a vote in Holyrood on Wednesday that
   called for planning the referendum to be postponed because it'd be
   "reckless."... [92]Read moreThe timorous beastie ventured North

   [93]UK politics  [94]Alba

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