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   Traveling blog with a drop of adventure
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In Love With My Backpack

I started to travel around the world in June 2017. I have experienced a lot
of great situations and stories while traveling and because I do not want to
forget them, I will hide them here.

Visited countries:

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   ORPC 2019


   OR how the non-oriental, non-prague and non-climbers enjoyed/survived
   the Orienteering Run of Prague Climbers (ORPC).

   Mallorca in February on the boat


   First trip together with my sister. Objective: to show her a slightly
   different way of traveling.

About me

   I am a physiotherapist, I am studying PhD, I practice swimming, I
   teach, bake cakes, play in amateur theater and do sports. I try to
   fully enjoy life every minute of every day.

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