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4 Ailsa Road

   Irvine, Scotland,
   UK, KA12 8LP

01294 278 091

   For any enquiries please contact our sales team

Online 24/7

   Mon - Thurs: 08:00 - 16:15
   Fri: 08:00 - 13:00

4 Ailsa Road

   Irvine, KA12 8LP

01294 278 091

   Customer Support

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Hurricane Fenders

One of the UK's largest manufacturer of FENDERS & BUOYS

   At Hurricane Fenders we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality
   fenders on the market. With over 50 years of plastic moulding
   experience, we are at the forefront of buoyancy technology and design.

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   Personalised fenders produced by Hurricane. Get in touch today to add
   something unique to your next set of fenders.
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   gift ideas

[48]Keyring Gifts!

   Voted the best floating keyring on the market by The Motorboat Owner
   Magazine in 2019

Aurora Series

   The Aurora Series by Hurricane continues the legacy of high-performance
   but with a twist

Aurora Series

   These fenders blur the line between form and function, enhancing the
   design of the Original Series with a unique wave-like pattern.
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Original Series

   The Original Series is one of the most iconic fender silhouettes on the

Original Series

   A timeless classic, designed to be unmistakable, the Original Series
   only gets better with time.
   [50]View Range

Vortex Series

   The Vortex Series is our biggest and most ambitious range of fenders to
   date with over 13 exclusive colour profiles.

Vortex Series

   Designed for optimised performance, protect your vessel with a
   heavy-duty fender you can trust.
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Ball Fenders

   The Ball Fender Series is engineered to safeguard full protection
   against the worst of impacts.

Ball Fenders

   Designed for maximum performance to ensure durability.
   [52]View Range

Boarding Fender

   The Boarding Series is designed as a dual-purpose fender that allows
   for easy access to the boat and protects the hull.

Boarding Fender

   Made from UV resistant PVC, our boarding fenders are the perfect
   addition to your fender set.
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Bow Fenders

   The Boarding Series is designed as a dual-purpose fender that allows
   for easy access to the boat and protects the hull.

Bow Fenders

   Made from UV resistant PVC, our boarding fenders are the perfect
   addition to your fender set.
   [54]View Range

Bumper Dock Fenders

   The Bumper Dock Series by Hurricane Fenders is your standard  round
   bumper dock fender. Made to be easily fitted to most pontoons or
   docking surface.

Bumper Dock Fenders

   Designed to reduce the stress on the hull when coming into dock.
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   The Buoy Series is built just like our Original Series Fenders.


   Each buoy is made from a one-piece moulding in specially formulated UV
   resistant marine PVC
   [56]View Range

Single-Eye Fenders

   The Chubby Series is similar to the shape of the Original Series but is
   designed to be shorter with a bigger diameter.

Single-Eye Fenders

   Perfect for boats with low freeboard hulls or provide additional bow
   [57]View Range

   At Hurricane Fenders we strive to be the leading provider of Fenders,
   Buoys and other boating products, and to achieve this aim we ensure we
   provide top quality products backed by excellent customer service and
   support. The quality of our products and the support from our staff is
   the reason why we are one of the best suppliers in the UK, and why we
   enjoy over 2,500 positive reviews on our [58]Ebay store.

   "First class service from this Seller, with good delivery. Thank you.

Contact us today to find out how we can improve your marine experience

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All our latest updates & news

   all the latest from hurricane fenders
   [59]Read our blog

[60]Down & Dirty: Boat Cleaning

   When it comes to boat cleaning, it is easy to assume that the most
   productive way to maintain a clean and sanitary boat is with

[61]The Importance of Fender Rope

   It will come as no surprise to you that we consider boat fenders to be
   one of the most important insurance decisions you can make

[62]Yes... Size Matters!

   One of the main questions we get asked all the time by our amazing
   customers is:  "What size of fenders do I need for my

We accept all major cards via PayPal (no PayPal account needed)


     * 01294 278 091
     * sales@hurricane-fenders.co.uk
     * 4 Ailsa Road, Irvine KA12 8LP Scotland, United Kingdom

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