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   Sixty years ago: August 1961 - Temporary barriers put up then building
   of Berlin Wall.

   Now: August 2021 - Another failure of diplomacy when Afghanistan and
   the people over-run and their future blighted.

   Two recent publications

   Discredited certainly, delusional conceivably but that does not mean
   that every Cummings' opinion and judgement is incorrect. His message to
   the joint Select Committees meeting 26^th May 2021 of a system riddled
   with dither, delay and chaos is supported by the public record, as in
   `The 2020 Coro-Nation Diaries - Worlds Turned Upside Down'

   Published autumn 2020 this is a factual record of Phase 1 of the UK
   coronavirus pandemic compiled daily alongside people's diaries during
   March to July 2020. See Non-Fiction for more details

   It is still available as a pdf [[27]The 2020 Coro-Nation Diaries and
   below] as it has been since September.

   Either Cummings' analysis has some validity or he should never have
   been in such a senior post in the first place. But his walk-on role is
   only a small part of the overall tragedy.

   `1974 - A World in Flux'

   Another year of global trauma  - see Non-Fiction for more details

   Colombia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Northern Ireland, the inter-dependence
   of nations and the power of multi-national corporations back in the

   As Salvador Allende told the United Nations in 1972, `We are facing a
   ... collision between the great ... corporations and sovereign states
   ... [But the corporations] do not have to answer to anyone and are not
   accountable to ... any parliament.'

   All our publications are in stock and available to buy from us, through
   bookshops, from your usual supplier or online.  They are also in many
   libraries.  We no longer sell through Amazon.

   Gretton Books is a small publisher based in Cambridge, England
   established in 2009.  Price reductions introduced to mark our 10th
   anniversary in 2019 still apply to publications before that date.  See
   Orders for more details.

Free Downloads

   Books Pamphlets/Guides (see tab for others 2010-2015)

   [28]The 2020 Coro-Nation Diaries

   [29]Liverpool Lives summary

   [30]Kingsley Wood overall synopsis

   [31]Charles Ryle Fay preface

   [32]Living History extract

   [33]1809 Between Hope and History synopsis


   [34]Out of the toyshop - Episode 1 030721

   [35]Out of the toyshop - Episode 2 190721

   [36]Beleaguered and Besieged - introduction 120221

   [37]Pas-de-deux summary
   [38]NBR 2019 post-election briefing pamphlet

   [39]6X6 Guide 1 Six famous Cambridge women

   [40]6X6 Guide 2 Six famous Coventry women

   [41]6X6 Guide 3 Six famous Hull women

   [42]Village views pamphlet

   [43]Great Crosby Heritage Trail 1

   [44]Great Crosby Heritage Trail 2

   [45]Some key people in 1809

   Topical/Current Issues:

   [46]Is it really still the economy stupid 230621

   [47]Some 21st century dilemmas 240521

   [48]HS2 and comparators - The continuing choice

   Articles / Extracts
   [49]WWI and the flu pandemic (from Historian October 2015)

   [50]Womens admission to Cambridge University in 1920

   We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts; the list is added to only by
   specific commissions.  It includes both books and pamphlets, usually
   non-fiction covering history and politics since the nineteenth century,
   some fiction and walking guides as well.

   Our contact details are on the final page.

Last updated 25/08/2021

Quote of the week

   "One of the penalties of infallibility is that it cannot remedy its
   mistakes, because it cannot admit having made them ..." Frederic
   Manning (1882-1935)

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