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Company Background

Our Mission:

   FluidIQ's mission is to design, develop, and deploy solutions that
   improve the quality of life for humankind

About the Company:

   FluidIQ, a public benefit and Delaware corporation, provides simple yet
   elegant solutions based on proprietary fluidics technology.  The
   company was founded by a group of doctors, engineers and patient
   advocates who joined together to find solutions for gaps in medical
   needs, including ventilators, in the midst of the coronavirus-caused
   world crisis.  FluidIQ aims to deliver HOPE to a world in need with
   simple, easy-to-deploy technology solutions that solve the most
   pressing medical challenges of our time. Healthcare Overflow Protocol
   for Emergencies (HOPE) is FluidIQ's roadmap for an entire family of
   products dedicated to filling gaps in emergency and preparedness
   protocols that are user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective

Company Background:

   FluidIQ's was founded in 2020 by a team of respiratory, emergency and
   disaster medicine doctors along with respiratory therapy experts and
   patient advocates who came together to make a difference in the early
   days of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic.   They studied early oscillators
   developed over more than a decade in the 1950s and 1960s by the U.S.
   Army to help in the event of mass casualties caused by chemical
   attacks.  The team concluded that though the technology the Army
   developed was brilliant, it lacked specific abilities that would be
   required to be able to mass produce and scale while maintaining
   accuracy and precision. The team improved on the technology and made a
   breakthrough that allowed them to overcome the challenges of the early
   devices.  The breakthrough and subsequent design improvements became
   the basis for the FluidIQ intellectual property (IP) and its planned
   product platform.   In the first demonstration of their IP, the team
   developed the first in-line handheld ventilator.  The HOPE InVent is a
   low-cost, rapidly manufacturable (via 3D printing), deployable
   ventilator that can be used in areas of need where ventilators are
   scarce, unavailable, or are impractical (because of resource deplete
   and harsh environments or due to limited supplies of standard

The Platform

   The HOPE (Hospital Overflow Protocol for Emergencies) InVent(TM)*, the
   initial device designed by FluidIQ. Is the first low-cost, rapidly
   deployable handheld ventilator. FluidIQ doctors and engineers
   collaborated on every facet of the device to create the world's
   smallest ventilator that works uniquely in the ventilation space.  The
   company's product pipeline includes future offerings using the
   same foundational proprietary technology.

   HOPE inVent(TM) has not been authorized or cleared by the FDA.

   *Caution - Emergency Use Authorization and 510k Pending (IDE) -
   Caution- Investigational Device, Limited by Federal Law to
   Investigational Use.

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