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- height 1065 meters
- middle of the Parc Livradois-Forez
- fantastic view over the Puys
- peace, quiet, green

   In the green heart of France, in the quiet area called the Auvergne,
   province Puy de Dôme, you'll find the Parc Naturel Regional Du
   Livradois-Forez. In the middle of this park, which is one of the
   biggest of the 32 regional nature parks in France, you'll find the
   hamlet called Deux Frères. At a height of 1065 meters the hamlet has a
   view over the volcano mountains of the Auvergne. From the view point
   you can see the mountain ranges of the Cantal, Sancy and Puy de Dôme.

On this beautiful spot you can stay in
our gîte or camp on our mini-campsite

   Surrounded by beautiful forests, fresh air, peace and quiet, there are
   countless ways of getting in touch with nature. In your direct vicinity
   there are footpaths and mountain-bike routes set out. The nature is
   still unspoiled, fresh and green, and everywhere you hear running water
   and buzzards calls.
   In our area with a culture that's centuries old, you'll find
   picturesque villages and castles, volcanoes and lakes, and menhirs. In
   the summer there are vide greniers (flea markets) and fêtes patronales
   (village festivals) in the villages around, but the markets in Billom
   and Ambert are also worth a visit. For more adventurous guests you have
   the climbing forest in Cunlhat, the amethyst search in Vernet la
   Varenne or you can create your own knife in Thiers.
   At our place you will find something to do for all ages to make it a
   wonderful holiday!



     * [19]Safari Tent 5 pers.
     * [20]Mini-Campsite 4 pitches
     * [21]Bed & Breakfast
     * [22]La Coccinelle 2 p.


   Lisa and Jonas

   Thank you very much for the time we could spend on your camp...
   Chris et Pauline

   Dear Mélanie & Marco,we had a wonderful stay at your be...

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   Gîtes & Mini Camping
   Les Deux Frères
   lieu-dit Les Deux Frères
   63980 Échandelys
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   Tel.: +33 (0)4 73 72 15 92
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