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Context > Relevance > Engagement

   A contextualization CDP for optimizing the customer experience

The Science of Storytelling

   Stories are recognizable patterns of information, and in those patterns
   we find meaning. Using storytelling, we make sense of our world and
   share that understanding with others.

   When it comes to digital marketing, marketers understand a customer's
   journey through data. But not all data is the same as different types
   of data provide different types of context:

     * The data in your data layer describes the setting and the scene.
     * The customer's profile data describes our hero.
     * The sequence of events they encounter and choices they make maps
       our hero's journey toward being a customer.

What Story are you Telling?

   Together, this layer of context tells the story of each of your
   customer's experience as they journey through your digital content.
   Based on what you've published, and the order in which you present your
   content, different personas of customers will experience different
   genres. For some it's a love story, while for others, a horror.

   So what kind of material are you giving them to work with? And is it
   being presented in a coherent order that progresses your story? Refine
   and revise your messaging. Make it relevant -- for your customer as
   well as for your business.

Once Upon a Time...

   How do we know if its working? We track the experiences and we analyze
   the engagements. These insights empower us to experiment intelligently
   with A/B and multivariate testing to learn which variations of content
   are the most relevant for each persona at each stage of the journey.
   Using these insights we can help every story be ...happily ever after.

Context > Relevance > Engagement

   Relevance drives engagement, but relevance requires context. Delivering
   the right message to the right person at the right time is impossible
   without understanding the context of the situation.

   Contexture makes it easy to manage and assemble your digital context in
   time for relevant action, helping you build relationships and optimize
   your customer experience.

What is Contexture?

A Contextualization CDP

Which means?

     * It's a Javascript Framework
     * It's a "jQuery" for Data Layers
     * It's a User Profiling Platform
     * It's a Tracking Enrichment Feed
     * It's a Targeting Enhancement Utility
     * It's a Customer Experience Assistant, marshalling 1st party data
       into a tactical Context Layer for Relevant Action!


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