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   Where Chilli lovers are at home

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   Image Chilli sauce jars

[22]How to make hot sauce

   Great recipes to make tasty home made hot sauces that are far better
   than store bought
   Image : Bowl of chilli relish

[23]Chilli jams and chutneys

   Find out how to make chilli jams and relishes that will amaze your
   family and friends
   Image: Ingredients for cooking with chillies

[24]Cooking with Chillies

   Discover a variety of great tasting recipes for dishes made from
   chillies from around the world
   Chillies in oil

[25]Chillies in oil

   Explore a great collection of recipes and methods to preserve chillies
   in oil and make chilli oils

   Image Chefs hand plating food

[26]Cooking with Chillies

   Breakfast, starters, soups, salads and snacks Chillies as appetizers
   Salads with Chillies Dishes with Chillies and cheese Dips and snacks
   with Chillies Soups made with Chillies Chillies at breakfast Main
   courses Recipes from around the globe Pasta and noodles with
   Health benefits

[27]Health benefits

   Besides being an absolutely awesome spice, Chillies are also good for
   us. They are loaded with vitamins and other compounds essential to our
   good health and well being. One of the key elements of the Chilli that
   gives it its
   Growing Chillies

[28]Growing Chillies

   Growing Chillies at home is not only financially wise  - when
   considering the hefty price of store-bought hot peppers  - but is also
   great fun and personally rewarding. There is something wonderful about
   watching your seeds bursting into life,  developing
   Image: Columbus ships

[29]History of the Chilli

   Pastry gingerbread wafer powder oat cake carrot cake sugar plum
   macaroon. Donut toffee tart jelly pudding. Candy canes caramels
   macaroon cookie dessert macaroon soufflé cake.
   Image of mixed chillies

[30]Chilli varieties from A to Z

   It is just amazing just how many different types of Chillies there are
   in this world. The variety of colours, shapes, sizes and heat
   intensities  seem almost endless. Indeed, there are chillies to cover
   every single letter in the alphabet
   Drinks with Chillies

[31]Drinks with Chillies

   You will be surprised how adding just a little Chilli to your favourite
   drink gives it just a  bit of " je ne sais quois". One would think "
   Okay that works with drinks that have a savoury theme"


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     * [38]South American Cuisine
     * [39]Thai cuisine

Recent Posts

     * [40]The use of Chillies in Brazilian cooking
     * [41]The use of Chillies in Mexican cooking
     * [42]The use of Chillies in South African cooking
     * [43]The use of Chillies in Korean cooking
     * [44]The use of Chillies in Peruvian cooking

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