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Home of the Elk Front Runners

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   On behalf of the Members of the West Central District, we want to
   welcome you to our Web Site. We hope that you will gain some knowledge
   in to what our District does and when our District was formed. In
   addition, we hope to show you the dedicated Members of our District
   that have served in the capacity as Officers of the Grand Lodge,
   Officers of the California-Hawaii Elks Association and as Exalted
   Rulers of their Lodges.

   Currently, our District is made up of 10 Lodges. Our Lodges go from the
   Monterey Bay, to the fields of Salinas, to the orchards of Hollister,
   to the Garlic Capital of the World - Gilroy, to the Silicon Valley of
   San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and Palo Alto, then West to Santa
   Cruz (where some people say the sun never shines) and finally to the
   strawberry fields of Watsonville.

   These are the Lodges that now make up the West Central District of the
   California-Hawaii Elks Association (the year given is the year each
   Lodge was granted its charter):
     * [16]Gilroy #156 (1930): Rick Flores, ER
     * [17]Hollister #1436 (1923): Matt Peteres, ER
     * [18]Monterey #1285 (1912): Joshua Jones, ER
     * [19]Palo Alto #1471 (1923): Dan Crowe, ER
     * [20]Salinas: #614 (1900): Mike Egan, ER
     * [21]San Jose #522 (1899): Ben Jordan, ER
     * [22]Santa Clara #2347 (1967): Aileen Lenzi, ER
     * [23]Santa Cruz #824 (1905): Amy Doherty, ER
     * [24]Sunnyvale #2128 (1959): Jeff Sanchez, ER
     * [25]Watsonville #1300 (1912): Adrianne Lewis, ER

   District Officers:
     * Association Vice President: Phil Quast (Gilroy Lodge)
     * District Deputy: Jim Smith (Hollister Lodge)

   District Leaders:
     * Randy McClellan, PDDGER
     * Jimmy Hancock, PDDGER

   The following Lodges were chartered and members of the West Central
   Districts, then later surrendered their charters.:
     * Los Gatos: 1857 - 2013
     * Milpitas: 1969 - 1985
     * Cupertino: 1970 - 1973

   We hope you will go to the other pages of our Web Site to see the
   History (from 1985) of our District and the individuals who have served
   it so well for more than 150-years! There are also links to Grand Lodge
   in Chicago and the California-Hawaii Elks Association in Fresno.
   Our sincere thanks,


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