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   From 29.99 per Room, [13]call today for a no obligation quotation for
   your home.

End of Tenancy

   Already working with 100s of satisfied landlords, [14]call today for a
   free quotation.


   Office, Gym, Nightclub or School, We are able to deliver a prompt and
   competitive service.
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Cleaning Services

   Other services are also offered..

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

   Carpet's deeply gather dust, bacteria, dust mites and other pollutants
   in its undergrowth. This type of dirt cannot be removed with ordinary
   vacuuming. And that's where we appear. At Supreme Clean, using
   professional equipment and cleaning agents, we will wash, dry and
   refresh your carpet. We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services,
   available to domestic and commercial customers. By using the most
   advanced multi-stage cleaning process we will restore the natural
   beauty of your carpets, and leave them hygienically clean and fresh.
   Cleaning process:
    1. Inspection
    2. Vacuuming
    3. Pre-spraying
    4. Carpet agitation
    5. Basic stain treatment
    6. Hot water extraction/steam cleaning
    7. Carpet drying
    8. Sanitize and deodoriser apply

Domestic Rug Cleaning

   Supreme Clean offers professional rug cleaning services that meet the
   highest standards and expectations. We apply the safest and yet the
   best rug cleaning methods to extend the life of your fabrics. In
   addition, we can remove old stains and eliminate festering bugs that
   took shelter inside the fibres, leaving the surface fluffy and nice.
   Rug cleaning does require precision and skill. One step gone wrong and
   you end up with torn and rough-looking rugs. This is why our team
   comprises responsible and adept technicians who have the right
   expertise for this complex job. Cleaning process:
    1. Inspection
    2. Vacuuming
    3. Pre-spraying
    4. Rug agitation
    5. Hot water extraction / professional steam cleaning
    6. Rug drying
    7. Sanitize and deodoriser apply

Upholstery Cleaning

   At Supreme Clean, we specialise in fabric upholstery. Fabrics become
   dirty, stained by food, drink, dust and because of that, they no longer
   look good. Furniture can attract as well cigarette smoke, pollen and
   germs, so don't wait too long to clean your upholstery. Proper cleaning
   restores your upholstery and adds to the life of the fabric. We are
   using the most advanced equipment and detergents to ensure that your
   upholstered furniture looks great!
     * Do you want to effectively clean your furniture, refresh it and get
       rid of the unpleasant smell?
     * Do you want to remove mites and bacteria from them using safe and
       dedicated means and tools?
     * Do you care about your furniture being taken care of by a real
       professional who will not destroy the material, and will
       effectively prevent it from getting dirty quickly?

   If you have answered YES to any the questions, please contact us for
   further information and pricing. Cleaning process:
    1. Inspection
    2. Vacuuming
    3. Pre-spraying
    4. Upholstery agitation
    5. Hot water extraction / professional steam cleaning
    6. Upholstery drying
    7. Sanitize and deodoriser apply

Mattress Cleaning

   At Supreme Clean, we've listened to our customers in the cleaning
   business throughout the years, and we are proud to offer the mattress
   cleaning service that our clients really need. Did you know that the
   average person spends around a third of their lives in bed? Therefore,
   we need to provide our bodies and minds with the best possible sleeping
   conditions in order to feel refreshed in the morning. If you have not
   cleaned your mattress in a while, it can gather dust, dust mites and
   even bedbugs. So, now's the time to do so, because letting these
   irritants stay in your bedding will increase the chances of becoming a
   victim of your own bed. Have you ever experienced headaches, coughing
   or asthma? If so, we have bad news for you: these are all signs of an
   unhealthy bed. However, we have the solution to your problems. Supreme
   Clean provides the best mattress cleaning in Sussex. Our highly trained
   cleaning technicians have years of experience when cleaning mattresses
   in almost any condition. What do our mattress cleaning services
     * Pre-treating
     * Stain removing
     * Steam cleaning
     * Deodorizing

Leather Cleaning

   Supreme Clean can clean, nourish and protect leather upholstery,
   returning it to it's former glory! Our three-step process includes:
   Cleaning (we deep clean the leather removing dirt and stains) Condition
   (this adds moisture to enhance the look and feel of the leather)
   Protect (this provides protection against further dirt ingress and
   spots and stains)
   We strongly advise protecting leather. It will make future cleaning
   easier, for both you and a professional, and will protect against UV
   rays which causes sun fading.

Commercial Cleaning

   Your workplace is a showcase for your company. We understand how
   important it is for your company to look as good as possible for your
   clients but also how your colleagues feel in the workplace. Our
   services include carpet cleaning, hard floor, individual items such as
   upholstered meeting room chairs. We are providing high-quality services
   to ensure your carpets, floor, individual items are kept in shape,
   ensuring they are looking good, smelling fresh and feeling comfortable
   for your clients and business colleagues.
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