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                                Big 5 of Life

Sponsor project kindergardens

   Children in Ndanda can give you one meal per day with a sponsorship of
   15 EUR per year.

   lyrical-spiritual book of hours

   Inspired by Scripture, Psalms & Nature. My faith, experiences &
   feelings are put in a word.

Pilgrims & Travel

   Discover the world in a natural and active way - hike, pilgrim, meeting
   people & their culture.

Big five of Life - Tansania

   6 1/2 weeks - Holiday Kilimanjaro with border experiences on the roof
   of Africa and holy days in Ndanda on the way to myself.

Blümchen Art

   inspire in nature

   Collecting finds & in acrylic
   with wood and rust:


   Karibu - warm Invitation

   Komments, Suggestion & Feedback.

   © 2019 Thomas Blum
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