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[4]Google Professional Data Engineer Certification - Questions (Part 1)

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   - [5]September 07, 2021
   Question #1 Your company built a TensorFlow neutral-network model with
   a large number of neurons and layers. The model fits well for the
   training data. However, when tested against new data, it performs
   poorly. What method can you employ to address this? A. Threading B.
   Serialization C. Dropout Methods D. Dimensionality Reduction Answer: C
   ies_to_prevent_overfitting Question #2 You are building a model to make
   clothing recommendations. You know a user's fashion preference is
   likely to change over time, so you build a data pipeline to stream new
   data back to the model as it becomes available. How should you use this
   data to train the model? A. Continuously retrain the model on just the
   new data. B. Continuously retrain the model on a combination of
   existing data and the new data. C. Train on the existing data while
   using the new data as your test set. D. Train on the new data while
   using the existing data as your
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[8]SnowPro Core Certification - Questions (Part 4)

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   - [9]September 06, 2021
   Question: 100 True or False:  Snowflake charges a premium for storing
   semi-structured data. A. True B. False Answer: B Question: 101 Which of
   the following are valid Snowflake Virtual Warehouse Scaling Policies?
   (Choose two.) A. Custom B. Economy C. Optimized D. Standard Answer: BD
   Question: 102 True or False:  A single database can exist in more than
   one Snowflake account. A. True B. False Answer: B Question: 103 Which
   of the following roles is recommended to be used to create and manage
   Answer: D
   erations.html Question: 104 True or False:  Bulk unloading of data from
   Snowflake supports the use of a SELECT statement. A. True B. False
   Answer: A
   -unloading-using-queries Question: 105 Select the different typ
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[12]SnowPro Core Certification - Questions (Part 3)

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   - [13]September 06, 2021
   Question: 67 What privileges are required to execute a task? A. To
   execute a task, you need the EXECUTE TASK. B. A task is an
   account-level object and can only be executed by the Account Admin
   role. C. Tasks run automatically and do run under any role. D. Tasks
   are stored in a special database called the utility database and
   require EXECUTE TASK  privilege in the utility database. Answer: A
   sk-administrator-role Question: 68 Increasing the size of a Virtual
   Warehouse from an X-Small to an X-Large is an example of: A. Scaling
   rhythmically B. Scaling max C. Scaling out D. Scaling up Answer: D
   #scaling-up-vs-scaling-out Question: 69 Which of the following are
   common use cases for zero-copy cloning? Choose 3 answers A. Quick
   provisioning of Dev and Test/QA environments B. Data backups C. Point
   in time snapshots D. Performance optimization Answer: A,
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[16]SnowPro Core Certification - Questions (Part 2)

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   - [17]September 05, 2021
   Question: 34 Snowflake provides two mechanisms to reduce data storage
   costs for short-lived tables. These mechanisms are: Choose 2 answers A.
   Temporary Tables B. Transient Tables C. Provisional Tables D. Permanent
   Tables Answer: A, B
   html#managing-costs-for-short-lived-tables Question: 35 In which layer
   of its architecture does Snowflake store its metadata statistics?
   Select one. A. Storage Layer B. Compute Layer C. Database Layer D.
   Cloud Service Layer Answer: D
   services Question: 36 If auto-suspend is enable for a Virtual
   Warehouse, the Warehouse is automatically suspended when: A. All
   Snowflake sessions using the warehouse are terminated. B. The last
   query using the warehouse completes. C. There are no users loaned into
   Snowflake. D. The Warehouse is inactive for a specified period of time.
   Answer: D https://docs.snowflake.com/en/user-guide/wa
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[20]SnowPro Core Certification - Questions (Part 1)

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   - [21]September 04, 2021
     Question: 1 What command is used to load files into an Internal Stage
   within Snowflake? Select one. A. PUT B. COPY INTO C. TRANSFER D. INSERT
   Answer: A
   eate-stage.html Question: 2 When loading data into Snowflake, the COPY
   command supports: Choose 2 answers A. Joins B. Filters C. Data type
   conversions D. Column reordering E. Aggregates Answer: C, D
   Question: 3 True or False: Snowpipe via REST API can only reference
   External Stages as source. A. True B. False Answer: B
   Either the stage ID (internal stage) or the S3 bucket (external stage)
   defined in the pipe. Question: 4 On which of the following cloud
   platform can a Snowflake account be hosted? Choose 2 answers A. Amazon
   Web Services B. Private Virtual Cloud C. Oracle Cloud D. Microsoft
   Azure Cloud Answer: A, D Question: 5 How would y
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