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   +447881 783 298
   Bagots Park Estate, Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire WS15 3ER

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   Simulated Game Staffordshire Simulated Game Staffordshire Simulated
   Game Staffordshire Simulated Game Staffordshire


   Bagots Park is a family owned and run mixed farming and Sporting
   Estate, which also offers a wedding venue and an eight bedroom
   Victorian Hunting Lodge for accommodation on either a self or fully
   catered basis.

   Simulated Game Days in Staffordshire, Pheasant & Partridge Game Meat
   Sales also available to purchase from our Shoot Room on site.
   Simulated Game Staffordshire.
   [27]Simulated Game Staffordshire

   Bagots Park offers a sporting delight for the shooting enthusiast.
   Twenty named drives set over a ring fenced 4,000 acres. Providing
   challenging and rather sporting partridge and pheasants. Out of Season
   Simulated Game Days are offered on a bespoke basis.
   [28]Wedding Venue Staffordshire
   Park Lodge

   Park Lodge, once an old hunting lodge, is a fabulous eight bedroom
   country house situated in the heart of a working arable farm. The
   holiday property is full of character, with open fire, wooden floors,
   oak shutters and an impressive wood-panelled entrance hall. Available
   to cater for your corporate parties.
   Simulated Game Days

   Simulated game days benefit from 20 drives developed on game shooting
   days. They take advantage of rolling Staffordshire countryside situated
   two miles up a private drive in a secluded rural location. For groups
   wishing to enjoy sporting recreation in stunning grounds or game
   shooters missing winter sport and wanting to maintain their skills.


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   Simulated Game Staffordshire

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