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   Phone: 07342 104648 | E-Mail: alan@alandobbsdecorating.co.uk

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Alan Dobbs

Experienced Painter
And Decorator

   Covering Cheshire, Staffordshire and surrounding areas.
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   Alan Dobbs Decorating Logo


   I am a time served Painter and Decorator with over 40 years experience.

Competitive Pricing

   I provide extremely competitive pricing, contact me today for a free no
   obligation quote.

Domestic & Commercial

   I provide services to both the domestic and commercial sectors.
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   Alan Dobbs Decorating - About Me

   With over 40 years experience and after working for several different
   companies over the years i decided to start my own business in 2015.
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What i do

   I strive to maintain highest standards while exceeding client's
   expectations at all levels.
     *  Internal Painting
     *  External Painting
     *  Wall Papering
     *  Domestic Customers
     *  Business and Commercial Customers
     *  Basic Plastering

   [17]I am passionate

   [18]Honest and Dependable

   [19]I Am Always Improving


My Services

   Internal and External Painting
   Domestic Painter and Decorator Cheshire and Staffordshire

Internal & External

   I do both internal and external painting and decorating.
   Domestic Painter and Decorator Cheshire and Staffordshire

Domestic Sector

   I have been turning houses in to homes for over 40 years.
   Commercial Painting and Decorating
   Commercial Painter and Decorator Cheshire and Staffordshire

Commercial Sector

   I understand the needs of businesses and work around your requirements.

   Domestic Jobs Completed
   Commercial Jobs Completed
   Towns Covered

I am trusted by more than 300 customers and businesses

   [20]Contact Me

Contact Me Today

   To get an expert painter and decorator in the Cheshire area please call
   me on 07342 104648

   Alternatively you can send me and message below and i will get back to
   you soon.
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Contact Me

   Mobile: 07342 104648


   15 Coppenhall Mews
   North Street
   CW1 4NJ
   Copyright 2021 - Alan Dobbs Decorating

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