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  Welcome to Agapanthus by Katerina

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Big Ring Brown Crochet Bag

   2,500.00 EUR 0.00 EUR

Blue Playful Crochet Bag Made of Wool

   270.00 EUR 0.00 EUR

XL Woolen Crochet Bag in Earth Colors

   410.00 EUR 0.00 EUR

Round Purple Crochet Bag

   170.00 EUR 0.00 EUR

Mixed Black Woolen Crochet Bag with Strass Detail

   157.00 EUR 0.00 EUR

   Agapanthus by Katerina - Greek Unique Handmade Bags
   Agapanthus by Katerina - Greek Unique Handmade Bags

Greek - Collectible - Handmade Bags

   They are made in Greece and each design is made only once and is never
   repeated. As a result, each bag is unique & collectible. Agapanthus
   bags are completely handmade, mainly knitted - crocheted square by
   square or embroidered on canvas. They are not just stuck on it. This
   way, it may take days, weeks or even a month for a bag to be completed
   until its very last elegance touch but the final result really worths
   it. In the end, you will have in your hands a highly resistant bag
   which will not get baggy or lose its shape if you fill it up a lot. You
   will have a bag that will last for years and for sure will become your
   favorite. And last but not least, Agapanthus bags come in nice various
   colors to ensure that you will definitely find the ideal bag for your

   Agapanthus by Katerina, long hours of work for real masterpieces! For
   those who know to appreciate the art of handmade. Are you one of these
   people ?

   IFRAME: [24]//www.youtube.com/embed/VWt3GIMiCTk?wmode=opaque


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Why Agapanthus ?

Made in Greece

   All bags are authentic Greek and completely handmade by Katerina


   Each product needs a lot of days to be completed. It can be crochet,
   embroidered or made of felt

Excellent Quality

   We use the best quality material to create each bag

Unique Designs

   Each bag is collectible because it is made only once and the same
   design is never repeated

Perfect for a Gift

   Our bags are suitable not only for you but also as gifts for the people
   you love

High Durability

   You will enjoy our bags for many years as they are made in such a way
   that makes them highly resistant


Authenticity Label Included

All our bags come with a handmade certification label

Free International Shipping!

Free International Shipping for all Agapanthus bags

Secure Transactions

   Make your purchases securely, with Paypal and SSL encryption

We answer your questions!

We are at your disposal to advise you about our products

Agapanthus by Katerina

   Greek - Collectible - Handmade Bags


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   Email: agapanthusbykaterina @gmail.com

   Facebook: [35]@aga[36]p[37]anthusOfficial

   Instagram: [38]agapanthus_official

   Youtube: [39]Agapanthus Bags

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