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<Proxy CM 3.32s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.30s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.66s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.61s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.83s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.73s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 1.63s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 1.67s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 2.87s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.34s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 1.09s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 3.41s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.35s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.32s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 1.45s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 2.36s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 1.86s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.56s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.29s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy CM 0.34s [SOCKS4]>

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% This is the AfriNIC Whois server.
% The AFRINIC whois database is subject to  the following terms of Use. See https://afrinic.net/whois/terms

%ERROR:306: connections exceeded
% Number of connections from a single IP address
% has exceeded the maximum number allowed (2).