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<Proxy AR 0.44s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.96s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.14s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.38s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.53s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.40s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.39s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.55s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.99s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.79s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.75s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.34s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 2.45s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.95s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.35s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.77s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.14s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.53s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.10s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.95s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.15s [SOCKS4]>
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<Proxy AR 0.98s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 1.76s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.55s [SOCKS4]>
<Proxy AR 0.54s [SOCKS4]>

About this proxy:

% Joint Whois - whois.lacnic.net
%  This server accepts single ASN, IPv4 or IPv6 queries

% LACNIC resource: whois.lacnic.net

% Copyright LACNIC lacnic.net
%  The data below is provided for information purposes
%  and to assist persons in obtaining information about or
%  related to AS and IP numbers registrations
%  By submitting a whois query, you agree to use this data
%  only for lawful purposes.
%  2021-09-13 23:56:47 (-03 -03:00)

status:      reallocated
aut-num:     N/A
owner:       ERCOM SRL
ownerid:     AR-ERSR6-LACNIC
responsible: Sergio Brossard
address:     Pte. Peron 137 Colon AR, , 
address:     3280 - Colon - ER
country:     AR
phone:       +54 3447 423505
owner-c:     SEB38
tech-c:      SEB38
abuse-c:     SEB38
created:     20180719
changed:     20180719

nic-hdl:     SEB38
person:      Sergio Brossard
e-mail:      tecnicabletv@colonred.com.ar
address:     Pte Perón, 137, 
address:     3280 - Colón - ER
country:     AR
phone:       +54 3447 423505
created:     20160810
changed:     20160810

% whois.lacnic.net accepts only direct match queries.
% Types of queries are: POCs, ownerid, CIDR blocks, IP
% and AS numbers.